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Posts published in “Economy”

How Millennials Define Frugality Differently

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With millennials surpassing baby boomers as the nation’s largest living generation and approaching the precipice of their prime spending years, retailers are scrambling to figure out what makes members of…

What I Learned From My Soviet Husband About Money

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Communists carry a portrait of former Soviet leader Josef Stalin as they march along Kremlin Towers during a May Day demonstration in Moscow. By Cameron Huddleston Remember the Soviet Union?…

The 4 Best Investments for Lazy Investors

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  Here’s good news for time-strapped investors: You can ignore your investments and still get rich. You don’t have to spend endless hours conducting research, developing watch lists, trading shares,…

5 Cool Electric Vehicles That Won’t Break the Bank

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  Electric vehicles are growing in popularity, but so far, outside of Tesla Motors’ (TSLA) Model S, there haven’t been a lot of attractive electric vehicles for consumers to choose…