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Diabetes Diet: What Is Glycemic Index? Top Foods With Low- Glycemic Index That Every Diabetic Must Know

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Diabetes Diet: What Is Glycemic Index? Top Foods With Low- Glycemic Index That Every Diabetic Must Know

Diabetes diet: A diabetic must choose foods carefully to control blood sugar levels



  1. Diabetes diet must include foods which can control blood sugar levels
  2. You can choose foods with low-glycemic index for diabetes diet
  3. Diabetics can eat fruits but should avoid fruit juice

Diabetes diet can be difficult to understand. It must comprise of foods which do not affect the blood sugar levels negatively. Some foods can increase your blood sugar levels very fast whereas some may not affect blood sugar and help in management of healthy blood sugar levels. Glycemic index is a method to understand the effect of food consumed on blood sugar levels. Glycemic index ranks the foods according to their effect of blood sugar levels. It was formulated in 1980s. The glycemic index divides the food into three different sections- low, medium and high. Foods with low glycemic index cause low or no rise in blood sugars. Whereas, consumption of foods with high glycemic index can result in rapid rise in blood sugar levels.

Controlled blood sugar levels can help in controlling the complications of diabetes and help in effective management of diabetes. Studies have highlighted that foods with low GI are beneficial for diabetics. Other studies have also highlighted that diet high in GI can put an individual at a higher risk of type-2 diabetes. Here are some foods with low GI which can be a part of diabetes diet.


Diabetes: Low-glycemic foods are beneficial for diabetics
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Diabetes diet: Low glycemic foods for diabetes

1. Fruit with low glycemic index

It is a misconception that diabetes patients cannot eat fruits as fruits are loaded with natural sugar. But low glycemic fruits can be consumed in a limited quantity. Some fruits which can be a part of your diabetes diet may include- pear, apples, grapefruit, plum, oranges, strawberries, peach, cherries and grapes.

Senior Dietician Rutu Rishikesh Dhodapkar suggests, “Papaya is good for diabetics as it is high in fiber. A medium-sized apple can also be consumed. Orange is another great choice as it contains vitamin C and fibre.”

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2. Other foods with low-glycemic index

Other low-glycemic foods may include- oats, porridge oats, lentils, kidney beans, quinoa, milk, almonds, olive oil, rice bran oil, walnuts and vegetables like carrots, broccoli, tomatoes and cauliflower.