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Healthy Diet: This Fruit-Infused Tea Recipe May Help You Cut Down On Caffeine

Anindita Ghosh 0
Healthy Diet: This Fruit-Infused Tea Recipe May Help You Cut Down On Caffeine

Fruit-infused tea: Here’s how you can make caffeine-free herbal tea

  • Herbal teas or tisanes are prepared by boiling spices, herbs in water
  • Tisanes don’t contain any caffeine and hence, are healthier
  • Fruit-infused teas are flavourful and delicious

Tea is one of the most popular beverages the world over. The concoction is enjoyed in numerous different ways in different parts of the world. The caffeinated beverage also has many different types, depending on the climate that it’s manufactured in, the level of processing that the leaves are made to undergo, the season that the leaves are harvested in etc. Nowadays, caffeine-free herbal teas or tisanes have also gained popularity, especially among those who have been addicted to caffeine and who need to cut it down. Herbal teas are typically concoctions prepared by boiling a number of spices, herbs or other parts of the plant, like flowers, with water.

Fruit-infused teas have also gained popularity. These beverages cannot be categorised as ‘teas’ technically as they don’t contain tea leaves, but are instead prepared by boiling an assortment of dried or fresh fruits in water, along with spices. Fruit-infused teas may contain some water soluble vitamins and nutrients that may get seeped into the water that the fruits are being boiled in. Although such fruit-infused teas may actually have limited health benefits, they serve as great alternatives for caffeinated teas. They are delicious as they contain the delicate flavours of the fruits and you can drink these anytime of the day including late into the night, without worrying about staying awake.