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Make Your Old Car Feel New

Anindita Ghosh 0

Driving a car is a fact of life for many people. You may have to spend several hours in the car each day depending on how long your commute is. All this driving may make you sick of your car, but you can try one of these tips to make it feel new again.

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Have It Cleaned


Instead of pulling out your hose, rags and soap and washing your car in the driveway, have it professionally cleaned. Car wash repair services ensure that your neighborhood car wash is ready for you to bring in your dusty car with all the dead bugs on the windshield. In addition to thoroughly cleaning the outside of the car, you should have the inside washed. After all, that’s the part of the car you see the most. Don’t let yourself sit in pigsty pretending to be a gleaming car. Clean out all the trash, and then have the inside washed and vacuumed. You can even have the carpet and seats shampooed if you really want that new car smell back.


Change Its Appearance


You can’t change many things about a car’s appearance, such as its size and model, and others, such as its color, are expensive to alter. Some small changes, though, are quick but effective ways to act like you have a new car. Seat covers can add a new color and level of comfort to the interior. Small decorations such as dashboard bobbleheads or key chains that you can hang from the rearview mirror personalize the space and will make you smile.


Upgrade Its Media Capabilities


Getting stuck in traffic isn’t so bad if you have something to listen to. Invest in a new set of speakers that will let you hear every note of your favorite song. If you have an older car, get an auxiliary cord so that you can connect your phone’s music to your car’s speakers.


Treat yourself with one of these upgrades for your car. You’ll be thankful the next time you have to wait in a traffic jam.