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Top Reasons You Need a Design Firm Now

Anindita Ghosh 0

Whether you have decided to finally upgrade your kitchen and bath, rework your awkward floorplan or plan for aging parents to move in, there are many more considerations than “just make it better”. Unless you have education and experience as both an architect and interior designer, you may want to pull out the big guns for your renovation plans. Companies like custom homes Arizona understand that your home needs to be well-conceived and cohesive so that you don’t end up with a patchwork of design choices that don’t flow. Additionally, there are areas of specialty that may need to be incorporated if, for example, you need to plan for handicap accessibility.

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ADA Accessibility

While the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is more of a requirement for commercial buildings, having an architect with this specialty can help you plan for any mobility issues that may require different design considerations. You may be planning to “age in place” in your home and want to be sure you are ready for future needs or you may be adding a mother-in-law suite for elderly or disabled family members. Being prepared while building your addition can save money and headaches in the long run.


If you are upgrading your kitchen, you should just be able to hire a kitchen renovation specialist and it’s all good, right? Not so fast, my friend. Do you understand exactly what size appliances will fit best in your space? After years of walking back and forth to do simple tasks, do you understand what layout actually makes sense for common tasks in the kitchen? Often reno projects are much more complex than they seem on the surface and the contractors all have different scope, or limitations, of what they do.

Save your sanity. When undertaking a home renovation, consider the fact that this isn’t your specialty. The money you spend on a design firm can save you so much more than dollars in the long run.