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Safely Install Temporary Lighting With These Tips

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Temporary lighting is a great way to bring light to a project or building during a remodel, demolition or new build. Most trade professionals benefit from having access to temporary lights. One never knows when the lights may come in handy. Safely using them can keep the project lit without causing a spark. These tips can help you stay safe regardless of the use.

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Application Areas

Each area of application has its own rules governing the use of temporary lighting. Services, disconnecting means, splices, branch circuits, lamp protection and receptacles all have their own NEC rules. Before using commercial led lighting Denver, know the application area and duration of use. This can help you make the right choice from the start. Make sure you use common sense on the jobsite when dealing with power.

GFCI Protection

Temporary wiring needs ground-fault protection especially in the construction industry. In addition to the wiring, receptacles that remain permanent must have GFCI protection. Grounding the electrical components is necessary regardless of the expected weather conditions. Static electricity can cause problems with the system and spark a fire. Avoid both by making sure the system is properly grounded.

Time Constraints

While there are not a lot of rules for temporary lighting situations, there are some. For 90 days, decorative lighting can use temporary power. Temporary lighting and power are acceptable during tests and emergencies. Construction companies can benefit from temporary lighting during repair, construction, maintenance and remodeling of a structure. The rules are designed to cut out loopholes and keep people safe.

Temporary Lighting

Setting up a temporary lighting situation can be helpful for construction projects. This allows trade professionals to come into the project and use their equipment before the permanent power source is built. Following these guidelines can help you have a safe work place regardless of the power source.