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Three Signs That Your Chimney Needs Cleaning

Anindita Ghosh 0

The fireplace is an enduring part of any household that both brings a charming centerpiece to any living room and keeps everyone comfortably warm. In order to ensure a successful fireplace, you must maintain the chimney clean and functioning well. Even though the chimney sweeping process is best handled by professional chimney cleaning in MD, you can still run a chimney inspection by using the right tools, safety equipment and ideal, non-windy conditions. Look for these signs to determine if your chimney needs cleaning.

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Creosote or Soot Buildup

During the chimney check, one of the more noticeable warning flags of a filthy chimney is the presence of a black, liquid residue called creosote. This substance is the tar-based residue from burning wood that solidifies within the walls instead of turning into ash. Creosote can create structural damage and poses several health hazards to the people in the household, including skin irritation, internal pains and cancer risk.

Poor Fireplace Performance

Another occurrence that requires chimney cleaning or maintenance is the difficulty in starting and maintaining a fire. Most likely, there is an airflow problem that is either allowing too much air in to start a fire, or not enough to keep it at an appropriate size. A chimney cleaning may sometimes solve this issue.

Existence of Animals Inside Chimney

When you do not use a fireplace for a while, critters such as squirrels and raccoons can make the chimney into their new home. Sometimes, even birds build their nests within these structures, creating a hazardous hay blockage that can ignite an unwanted fire. A dedicated chimney cleaning service can clear these creatures and make the fireplace safe to use.

The nature of fireplaces and chimneys allows a variety of hazards and obstructions to form within your structure. By inspecting your chimney and paying attention to these signs, you can detect them on time and request cleaning to improve performance and increase personal safety.