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Prescriptions: Two Reasons to Consider Home Delivery

Anindita Ghosh 0

When it comes to errands, it can be difficult to carve out time — or even muster the energy — to tick each one off your to-do list. Picking up a medical prescription can set you out of your way home from work, or slip your mind when your busy schedule starts to get away from you. Prescription delivery systems have been on the rise of consumer consciousness; if you are looking to simplify your routine, choosing one could be a game-changer.

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Safe Travels

You might be concerned about the state of your parcel while it is in transit to the address of your choosing — home, workplace, or otherwise — but modern medicine has checks and balances in place for the safe transport of medications. Pharmaceutical drugs are put through medical package testing to ensure prescriptions remain stable through the transportation process. Of the many assessments that can be performed, the accelerated aging test is especially applicable for these summer months. During this process packaging undergoes extreme heat and humidity testing to prevent impact on medicinal life span/shelf-life. Eligible prescriptions can be expected to arrive safely to your specified address.

Insurance Coverage

Many health insurance providers list mail-order pharmacies as part of their prescription benefits. To find out if you can save on delivery costs, access your health insurance provider’s website and review your existing policy. Certain qualifying drugs can also face considerable discounts; if your medications treat chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, depression, or asthma, they can often be bundled into multiple-months’ worth of supply for a lower co-payment. Bulk orders can also result in discounted — or even free — shipping.

Mail-order pharmacies can save you time and hassle if your prescriptions are eligible for delivery services. They can be especially useful for those with mobility impairments or residences in rural communities. If you are looking to eliminate a pit stop from your daily commute, a prescription delivery service might be right for you.