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Is Your Hot Water Heater Dying?

Anindita Ghosh 0

Hot water is one of the things we take for granted, but if it is gone all of a sudden, then you are in for big problems. Here are some of the symptoms of a dying hot water heater. If you are experiencing any of all of these, it may be time to ask about water heater installation gloucester va.

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Strange Noises

Hot water heaters should not make noise, so if you are hearing anything, it is a sign of potential trouble. Over time, minerals in hard water form a crust inside the heater. This often leads to a popping or banging noise. If you hear strange noises coming from your water heater, have a repair technician flush it. If that doesn’t solve the issue, it is probably time to replace the unit.

Funny-Looking Water

The water coming from your hot water tank should be clear and free of any unusual smell. Mineral deposits inside the tank can give your water a cloudy appearance and a metallic taste or smell. Sometimes water will look orange if there is a high concentration of iron in your region. Discolored water isn’t dangerous and it isn’t a sign that your hot water heater is failing. Installing a filter in your plumbing system should take care of the problem.


Leaks in valves or the tank itself are serious issues and usually means the tank will have to be replaced. The valves are designed to keep pressure from building up in the tank and if they fail, it could be a big problem. If you see water puddling around your tank, call for repairs.

No Hot Water

This is the biggest issue with hot water tanks. If you get into the shower or start to wash some dishes and the water is just not getting hot, you are probably looking at replacing your unit.

Keeping an eye on your hot water tank is important. Watch for these symptoms of hot water tank failure to know when to call for repairs before you have a huge mess on your hands.