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4 Ways To Enjoy the Summer Without a Tick Bite

Anindita Ghosh 0

Summer brings sunshine, warm weather, less clothing, and ticks. The pernicious pests are one of the most persistent creepy crawlies invading hiking trails, personal gardens, and communal parks. To avoid ticks and all the trouble they can cause for both you and your pets, here are four ways to help you enjoy the summer without a tick bite.

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Surface Sprays

Whether you are eco-friendly or will use any means to remove the ornery critters, there is an insect repellent for you. Spraying the foliage early in the year can help alleviate warm weather tick problems. Some of the over the counter yard bug sprays use permethrin to kill all the stages of the tiny pest, from adult to the smallest nymphs. Other more natural sprays use cedar oil, peppermint, and propionic acid for complete tick control.

Check Pets

Your four-legged friends love wandering through tall grasses, lush brush, and wooded areas, but these are all places that ticks live and thrive. After an outing with your pet, make sure to brush through the coat with stiff bristles to remove not only the adult ticks that might have hitched a ride but also the smaller pests that can quickly burrow into your pet’s skin.

Light Colors

Ticks are dark in color so when you wear light colored clothing and one jumps onto you to take a jaunt, you can easily spot the crazy critter. It also helps to brush your clothing off when you have finished hiking through heavy brush, strolling in wooded areas, or working in the garden.

Less Exposure

Ticks don’t like sunlight because they are unable to stay hydrated. Within a few hours of exposure to light, they must find moisture or die. That is why you will find most ticks hiding in the cool and wet underside of leafy bushes.

Ticks thrive in the warm, wet summer days, but you don’t have to suffer one of their nibbles. Take the four steps listed above to protect yourself and your pets from a summer tick bite.