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What You Need to Do If You Want to Become a Notary Public

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You might think that the requirements to become a notary public are strict, and the time it takes to become certified as one is a long, but this is simply not true. There are certain things that you need to do and requirements that need to be met, but the standards are not high and most people can become a notary quickly.

The standards are similar from one state to another
The laws regarding notary services are determined at the state level. For this reason, the exact process for becoming a notary will depend upon the state that you live in. However, there are certain requirements that are shared by most states.

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The general state requirements
You will need to be an adult. You will also need to have no felonies on your record, but misdemeanors usually don’t count against you. Although states do require you to be a resident, those states that border other states often have agreements with those states, allowing you to perform notary services for both states. You will need to purchase a bond and sometimes be required to take a course to understand the process for the work involved. You will need to buy a notary seal, once your commission is granted.

But what about Florida?
However, because you live in this state, you probably want to know how to become a notary in florida, both the steps and the time involved. In Florida, you will have to take an approved course that can be found online. You will need a surety bond of at least $7,500. You can download an application and send it in with your check for $30. This is the application fee. You will also need to include proof of the surety bond purchase and course completion.

All of this is easy. The course you need to take is only a couple of hours. The application can be filled out and sent in with the required paperwork in a single day. It may take a couple of weeks to process, but in all, it will take less than a month to become a notary.