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Protecting Your Business from Threats

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When you vet applicants for open positions at your company, you want to know you are considering the best people for the job. You do not want to risk your business’s integrity, finances, and legal future on people who could steal from you or defraud you, your vendors, and customers.

When you want to ensure you are interviewing and hiring people who are safe and trustworthy, you may want to put them through a rigorous background check. You can get an overview of their past employment and financial history by having a third-party company perform a criminal check, employment review, and social security number trace on applicants for jobs at your company.

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Knowing When to Perform the Checks

You might wonder when you should have the numbers of applicants run through a trace. As you can read on the website, you may want to perform this level of scrutiny any time you are considering a person for a position that deals with finances.

The monetary transactions your business handles must be dealt with carefully and with a level of attention that protects their integrity. You do not want to risk an employee stealing money from you or your customers. You want to trust him or her to be honest and perform the duties of the job with full honest.

A trace can reveal if a person has had issues with finances in the past. The trace may reveal if applicants for work at your company have been accused or found guilty of credit card fraud, stealing, and other financial crimes.

The trace also will reveal what kind of credit a person has. Good credit may be required for certain positions in your company especially those that deal with money. You may need these people to be credit worth in order to be licensed and bonded.

A trace on a person’s Social Security number can protect your company when that individual applies for open positions. You can find out if he or she is trustworthy and honest. You can also avoid hiring people who have been found guilty of financial crimes in the past.