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Did you know? Processed meat, carbonated beverages may lead to kidney failure

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If you consume a diet which involves pro-inflammatory foods like processed meat, carbonated beverages and vegetables other than the green leafy and dark yellow variety, you may suffer from kidney failure. Since it can make your life miserable and you will not be able to perform your daily chores comfortably. It will snatch away your peace and lower your productivity.

Reportedly, the findings suggested that diets which contribute to inflammation are connected to a higher risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression. According to the Lead author Tanushree Banerjee, from the University of California-San Fransisco, these findings have implications for keeping kidney failure at bay, using dietary approaches with low inflammatory potential.

Foods which have been positively related inflammatory markers are tomatoes, carbonated beverages, vegetables other than green leafy and dark yellow vegetables, processed meat, red meat, organ meat and fish, finds research.

Reportedly, the team found that 11.1 per cent of the participants suffered from kidney failure over 14 years of follow-up. For halting the progression of CKD, nutritional interventions that focus on reducing the inflammatory aspects of diet should be examined.

Reportedly, according to the earlier a study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, polluted air can also up your risk of CKD which takes place when a person’s kidneysare damaged or are unable to filter blood properly.

Reportedly, the study revealed that people with diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or heart disease are at an increased risk of developing CKD. Shocking right?

So, just cut down on carbonated beverages, processed meat and so on, and adopt a healthy lifestyle which will help you to keep your kidneys in top shape. Speak to your expert about which foods you should include and eliminate from your diet in order to keep your kidneys functioning properly. This will help you to keep CKD away.