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5 Healthy Snacks To Eat After A Workout

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You’ve burned calories, got your heart pumping and sweated it out. Now you’re back home and famished. What do you do? Don’t reach for the last night’s greasy leftover pizza, that’s for sure. What you eat after a workout is important as it refuels the body and restores its lost nutrients. A serving of junk food or rummage through the fridge won’t cut it. But these will. After your next workout, try these 5 healthy snacks for yourself.

1. Tuna Sandwich

A slathering of tuna spread over whole wheat or multigrain bread can do the trick. Tuna is a great source of lean protein and the combination of protein with carbs is great for recovery post exercise.

2. Apple And Peanut Butter

Slice an apple, spread peanut butter over it and eat up. It’s a low-calorie snack and will work to build your energy when you’re winded from working out.

3. Protein Shake

Now this is a no-brainer that fitness freaks swear by. Protein shakes do exactly what is necessary to rebuild the body’s muscle and nutritive loss after exercise. Blend your protein powder of choice with a milk base and fruits and you’ll be set for a couple of hours at least.

4. Eggs

Both, the white and yolk of eggs are packed with protein, potassium and minerals which help in overall muscle formation. Poach them, scramble them or fry them; whatever your method of choice, they make an egg-cellent snack.

5. Greek Yogurt

Yogurt isn’t just filling but also aids in muscle recovery exceptionally well. Drizzle with honey and fruits for a complete meal that’ll rejuvenate your body while tasting delicious.