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5 easy tricks to make healthy salads more interesting and tasty

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Salads are easy-to-make, full of nutrients, help in weight loss, and can be eaten on the go. Yet, many think of it as a dull and tasteless alternative to fried snacks. But a lot can be done with it, and we are not talking about lathering unhealthy dressing all over it to make your diet go for a toss.

Here are 5 things that you can do with salads to add some flavour and texture to it:

* Add nuts to it: Fried foods are all about crunch and oiliness. Adding toasted nuts such as almonds and peanuts to your salad can add a different texture and crunch to the preparation, as well as give a dose of healthy oil and protein. Similarly, you can add sesame, pumpkin or chia seeds to your salad as well.

* Fats are not all bad: You can include fats like feta cheese and marinated chicken to your salad to add flavour to the salad. It will also keep you satiated for longer.

* Make your salad sweet: Who said salads can’t be sweet? You can add dried fruits such as raisins as well as fruits like oranges, pears, berries or apple slices to your salad for crunch, sweetness and fibre.

* Roast veggies: Roast vegetables can add healthy nutrients to your diet and also taste good. Some of the best options are capsicum, onion, broccoli, and zucchini.

* Make it colourful: Half the battle is making a salad look good. Ensure that your salad is not plain green, but instead has a riot of colours – red from tomatoes, purple from cabbage, orange from carrots. We just got you started.