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Here’s why I started tracking my periods and you should too. It helps lose weight fast

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Until a couple of months ago, tracking my period never seemed like a good idea; mostly because I’d dread those four days and the horrible pain and cramps that accompanied them. Before this I’d never downloaded a period tracking app or ever bothered to mark the calendar.

But something changed when Fitbit launched a female health tracker on its smart watches in May. And just like I was tracking my daily step count, I started being more mindful of my menstrual cycle too. And it’s made my life better.

We know that periods suck, but knowing when it’ll knock on our doors and being ready for it, make it a whole lot bearable.

Control over your body: When you start to track your periods, you become aware of the various changes your cycle brings with it, read bloating, PMS, mood swings. This helps you deal with these symptoms in a better manner. So, if you are having a futile argument with your partner, you know where it’s coming from. Many apps allow you to track moods, flow and then customise this info to your individual needs.

Easy doctor visits: Tracking your period can make your gynae visit super easy. When he or she probes for information like last menstrual cycle, you can have all that information at the tip of your finger.

Good for your sex life: Knowing your fertile window and scheduling sex accordingly can save you from unwanted pregnancy. And if you’re looking to get pregnant, having frequent sex around fertile window will boost your chances. The second week of your cycle is also a good time to plan a weekend away with your partner to make the most of it. You will be at your sexiest best.

Make the most of workouts: Did you know that, the second week after your period is the best time for some intense exercise? The reason: increase in oestrogen means that you have more energy and you are likely to endure intense activities. However, week three is when you will see some real results as the combination of oestrogen and progesterone can help burn more fat.

Planning your calendar: Want a night out with your girls? Avoid the week before your period as this is time you’ll feel tired and bloated. So, drinking should be the last thing on your mind. Another helpful tip: avoid scheduling your monthly waxing date five days before and through the period. The best time is to get it done four days after your period ends; this is when you have the highest tolerance for pain.