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Develop and share your personality

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As a real estate agent, it’s your responsibility to get the word out about why people should want to work with you. Initially, this might seem like a challenging feat. Thankfully, there are many ways you can work to develop your visibility, attract more business and earn more profits.

1. Develop and share your personality.
Don’t try to be stale, boring and sterile. Your followers will be able to see through that. Use your social media accounts to your advantage and promote yourself on those platforms. First, you’ll want to start by consistently talking about what you’re working on. You’ll also want to present a polished version of yourself. A home is one of the largest purchases you can ever make. You don’t want to do it with someone who looks as though they haven’t bathed in a few days. If you love a specific type of music or food, share those tidbits of your personality. Those are the little details that will really stand out and attract your clientele to you.

2. Maintain a blog.
It’s a good idea to maintain a blog. While social media marketing is excellent, you don’t own your social media platform. If Facebook or YouTube decided that they wanted to shut your page down, that’d be the end of your business. In order to maintain stability in your business, develop your platform through a website and an email list. On a consistent basis, direct your followers to the email list to sign up. Offer really good incentives to make them want to sign up. Once they’re signed up, offer content that helps them. This will encourage them to stick around and continue engagement.

3. Highlight happy customers.
Word-of-mouth marketing is the best because it validates the services you offer. If you really want to continue to build a following, it’s important to implement the praises of those who have used your services and purchased their homes at great prices. It’s important to use the marketing strategies that companies like Bluehat Marketing recommend. These marketing companies also know that a happy customer is golden in the marketing sphere. A good review can go a long way.

4. Share value consistently.
If you’re not sharing anything that helps your followers, they have no reason to follow you. As a real estate agent, it’s so important to know your craft. People who are following you tend to be people who are desiring home ownership one day. Whether it’s once a day or three times a week, share valuable information to help your followers on their journey to home ownership. Share tips that people don’t typically share. As you do this, people will look at you as an authority in your field and refer you to others. Plus, when it’s time for them to purchase a home, you’ll already be at the top of their mind.