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What Goes Into Opening A Small Bakery?

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A small bakery can be a great way to earn a living for those who love to bake. However, like with any type of business, it takes more than having great baking skills to run a successful bakery. Before you open the doors, you will need to pay close attention to many financial, legal and logistical components of running the business first. Below are some of the main considerations you need to think through before you open your first bakery.




Finding the perfect location for opening a small bakery will mean balancing the size, location and cost. Locations that are in busier areas may get your bakery more attention. However, that same location could come with higher costs. Pay close attention to lease agreements when choosing a location as well. They will all vary greatly in terms of length, deposits, renewal options and requirements. Have someone familiar with lease agreements go over anything you might not fully understand before signing on the dotted line.



Even a small bakery is going to require some very costly equipment. Commercial-quality ovens, mixers and blending machines will allow you to produce your baked goods more efficiently. Efficiency is necessary to help earn a higher profit. When you purchase your equipment, it is important to buy from reputable companies such as You are also going to need to have enough pans and products to ensure your production keeps moving when you get busy.


Legal Issues


When you have a business tailored around selling food products, you will have to sort through extra legal stuff to ensure you are running a proper business. Many states have very specific requirements on how you run your business in order to satisfy the health safety laws. You will regularly have to go through health inspections. It is best to always be prepared for these ahead of time because if you fail to comply with the standards they set, you could end up seeing your bakery get shut down.


Many Americans dream of owning their own business one day. For many of those same people, a bakery is a dream business in its own right. Running any kind of business takes hard work and diligence. However, if you are passionate enough about what you do, you will enjoy heading to your bakery every single day to get to work.