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Getting Your Home Ready to Face the Winter Weather

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As summer comes to a close and fall starts to bring cool weather and longer nights, you may be starting to think about the preparations that will be necessary for the winter. If you are a responsible homeowner, you probably already have some ideas about how you can best prep your home for the cold weather, ice, snow, and storms that may be in your future. However, it can be too easy to fall into bad habits and become compliant when it comes to taking care of your home. Here are a few tips to help make sure your house is ready for the winter this year.

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Check Your Heating Systems

The last thing you want is to find out that your heating system doesn’t work after the first cold snap of the season or, worse yet, after a big winter storm. It’s best to prepare for the cold in advance by talking to a professional and making sure that your house is ready to withstand the worst and still stay warm. Look for a local contractor in your area that has a good reputation and history of serving your community. For example, if you need hvac Hampton VA, contact a well-established company like Art Newsome Inc. to take care of any problems before they start. This will save you money and trouble in the long run.

Put Away Outdoor Furniture and Decor

Long before the winter weather starts, make sure that you’ve cleaned up from the warmer summer and fall months. This means securing or storing any outdoor furniture that you use in the summer, as well as other decorations that are only appropriate for warm weather. If you have a pool, make sure that it is completely shut down, covered, and ready to freeze. Winter weather can severely damage materials that are not made to withstand the cold, so make sure that they are all put away safely.

Clean Up Your Yard

If you have trees in your yard, you will need to clean up any leaves that have fallen during the autumn months. If you have a garden, pull out any summer vegetables and replace them with winter-growing vegetables like kale, cabbage, and fava beans. Mulch sensitive perennials well so they will survive the cold and return next year. Cleaning up now will save you time next spring.