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Turning Cars into Cash with Auto Recycling

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It’s hard for most people to imagine living their daily life without access to their favorite mode of transportation. That’s what makes America home to over 253 million active and working vehicles. The average lifespan of a car and truck today is 11.4 years, so that accounts for a lot of extra sheet metal. In comparison, the number of recycled vehicles fell from 14.2 million in 2012 to 11 million in 2014. That’s still not a bad number considering 27 million cars total are recycled around the world every year. This makes cars the most recycled personal item in America. Of course, car recycling isn’t just a government or business responsibility. You can also help the planet and your financial situation simultaneously by diving into auto parts recycling.

Why Is Auto Recycling So Important?

Look back over the numbers above for a moment. We have over 253 million cars on the road and only 11 million of those end up being recycled. That leads to a lot of extra landfill waste that can help clean up the planet and pad your bank account. There are over 7,000 recycling centers across the country and many are fully equipped to handle car recycling. Great Lakes Recycling is one of the best options in the Midwest. And yes, we buy junk cars for cash.

Auto parts recycling is one of the auto industry’s biggest secrets because 80% of every vehicle on the road is recyclable. The automobile recycling industry in North America alone recycles enough steel to create 13 million new vehicles every year. That not only saves around 85 million barrels of oil from being consumed for the creation of new parts, but that extra money also goes into the businesses. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a chunk for yourself?

What Car Parts Can Be Recycled?

Many people think car recycling is all about the sheet metal. After all, it’s just crushed by a giant magnet, right? Not so fast. Remember, 80% of every vehicle is recyclable. Eighty percent of your car is not made of sheet metal. Some unexpected recycled materials and items include:


Dead batteries fill up landfills because people assume they’re worthless. But the average car battery has a 98-99% recycle rate. And at around $.30 per pound, you can clean up fast by recycling those alone.


Mats and carpet are often made from recycled plastic, but the reverse rarely occurs. Car carpeting is almost never biodegradable and about 5 billion pounds of ends up in landfills on an annual basis. It can, however, be recycled.


Almost 15 million replaced or broken windshields end up in landfill every year. Older windshields are comprised of glass layered between sheets of plastic, so they’re hard to recycle. But manufacturers are now working together to make auto glass easy to reclaim and recycle.


Everyone replaces tires on their vehicle and most of those end up in landfills. While only 2% of landfill waste is due to tires, that still accounts for 290 million scrap tires tossed in the trash. Approximately 233 million are of those end up recycled annually. Some people attempt to burn their old tires, but that leads to a flammable, toxic, and sticky mess. Why add to the problem when your auto parts recycling can transform your cars to cash?