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How To Grow Your Career

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You finally reached the end of a fruitful career only to realize how much you actually miss the rigorous schedules and responsibilities. Before quietly surrendering to letting go of that lifestyle, why not think of what you could do for a second act? Retirement does not have to equal staying still. Instead, you could get your Nevada real estate license and start a career that encourages independence with financial rewards.Besides obtaining the appropriate licensing to help people find new homes, there are skills you may already have that can ease your transition into another successful career.Translate Strengths from Previous Career into Real Estate SkillsYour first stop is to look at the strengths that made your former career a success. What can you use to enhance what you do while selling houses? For example, if you were a construction foreman, you probably have inside knowledge of what goes on during the building process to share with clients.Perhaps you were a bank manager. What will clients need to know about the process of their loan application being approved or denied? You could guide them through preparing to be approved. Or, you can refer them to some of your former contacts in the industry. Not only can this help them get approved, but it could also hasten a closing that leads to a nice commission.Have Enough to Cover a Few Years’ Living ExpensesJust in case commissions are slow to come in, make sure you have enough to cover your living expenses for the first few years. In the beginning, it may seem like you are putting a lot of time in with very few returns. Having a decent financial cushion could make the wait less fearful.Selling a million dollar home might not occur in the first year. By the second year, closing that type of sale might feel closer. However, you want to be prepared either way.Make Sure You Have the Stamina for Long HoursThe choice is yours: long hours sitting at home or long, hard hours meeting new people and learning more about the real estate business. Even if you end up working 60 to 70 hours each in the beginning, there is considerable flexibility of time. The following week may only require 40 hours.Because everyone needs housing, use the contact list you have accumulated over the years. Ultimately, knowing how business works gives you a certain advantage over others who are making this their first career.