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Shanti Business School, Ahmadabad, Gujarat

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Shanti business school was established in 2010 in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. The main objective of its formation is to provide the students the quality of leaderships in later stage to that they can aspire them to become the great leaders. This university helps the students for the right place of management. The aim of the institute is to help the students in providing the training of the best management to their students.  It also aims to create in the country the growth prospects and also helps in creating the world class leaders which will help in leading the economy. Chiripal charitable trust set up the Shanti Business School. The college has a very peaceful management and moreover it is also situated at a place where the students are their convenient to work and it’s the right palace.

Facts and figures

As we know , it is the era of globalisation and in order to make the economy better and the college is capturing all sectors of the globalisation. The Shanti business school was established in 2010 and the college is affiliated to AICTE.

Fee structure

There are various courses available in the Shanti business school which will help the students to gain more knowledge and attain good positions. It is considered as one of the top colleges in MBA in Ahmadabad. The specialisation in MBA courses is in the various fields marketing , HR , finance and IT. The fees for the various courses per year are as follows :

  • The fees of post graduate diploma is of 2915,500/-
  • The fees of post graduate diploma in management ( PGDM) is of 295,500/-
  • The fees of executive post graduate diploma is 260,000/-


The students get a chance to fulfil their dreams and get placed in the companies they want. Moreover , 150+ companies come here to take the interview for the process in order to hire the SBSian. Till now the highest package given to the placed students is 8 lakhs and the minimum package is 4.65 lakhs . So the students have a great opportunity to avail it. The students can sit in the placements of their dream company. Various companies who have visited are :

  • Godrej pvt. Ltd.
  • Deutsche bank
  • Gvk
  • com
  • Future group
  • Yes bank
  • VIP
  • Hitachi consulting

Why to join?

One must be thinking why a student’s should join Shanti business school, Ahmadabad, Gujarat. There are various reasons for it. These are :

Faculty : the faculty of the college is very talented and highly qualified. They aim at providing students the right knowledge so that they become what they aspire and can achieve their goals. Training is being given to the students so that they can face the  situations of individual business.

Facilities: infinite chances are given to the students in the field of sports , dances etc except form studies so that proper facilities are provided to them and they can take part in those in which they have interest and excel in it.