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The Benefits of Green Insulation

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Insulation has often been a necessary evil in building construction. While it is needed to buffer a home or building from the elements and to maintain climate control, the materials used could, at times, be hazardous to one’s health and also produce large amounts of waste for the landfills when new construction began. However, that no longer needs to be the case.

Recycled insulation can include cellulose insulation, which is often composed of over 75 percent of recycled materials, most commonly including newspaper. Recycled denim can also be used as a type of durable insulation, and recycled fiberglass insulation is yet another option. It is important to note that over 90 percent of current building insulation includes fiberglass materials, making it imperative to find a second life for it as opposed to simply creating more waste.

Green insulation is often greater in efficiency than traditional types of insulators. In addition, businesses can benefit financially as it has been shown that 55 percent of consumers — a quickly growing number –are willing to pay more for services and products that are suppliedby companies committed to creating a positive environmental change. Learn more about the benefits of green insulation as well as other current building trends that are quickly gaining steam by checking out the following infographic.

Green Building Trends in 2016 Infographic
Green Building Trends in 2016 Infographic