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Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle by Mad Dogg Athletics – Spin Bike with Four Spinning DVDs to get healthy and fit at home

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The Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle by Mad Dogg Athletics is a great indoor exerciser immersed with commercial cycle features for those looking to burn extra fat from the comfort of home. The well priced fitness bike is convenient to use and loose those extra plumps of body that makes it difficult to get through a door.

What “Spinner” or “Spinning” actually stands for?

First and the most important aspect of spinning bike is that it does not hold any generic meaning to the word spin, instead the Mad Dogg Athletics founders gained the copyrights of the term Spinner® and Spinning® in early ’90s. So, indoor cycling named with Spinning Bikes or Spin Bikes only refers to the one brand legally licensed by Mad Dogg Athletics.

Why is it beneficial to work-out on “Spinning Indoor Bike” at home?”

If you have ever joined a health club or gym, you must have experienced the hustle-bustle of massed to get on to the bike first and then shredding that sweat sickness. It is always better to have your own indoor cycle to workout with your convenience and schedule.

The Spin Bike with Four Spinning DVDs also eliminates the need of motivation for which you would want to exercise in a gym with a group of people. Yes, do not need to get inspired looking all people struggling hard to lose pounds, rather you can calmly do the same at your home’s vibrant atmosphere with refreshing music or TV. The DVD’s available with the Spin Bike are of significant use. They literally eliminate the need of any personal trainer or an instructor to guide you with the techniques of using the bike and shred that fat. Get a membership by simply installing your spin indoor bike DVD’s to your laptop, TV or Ipad and watch wide range of workout program and fitness videos. Perform it just like that at home for just 30 minutes and flaunt that new sweet you and not the sweaty you.

What is Lovable about Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle

  • Complete Body exerciser- You may not be familiar with the fact that the the product offers complete body workout and not just the legs that are getting trimmed. Your shoulder, back, forearms and abdominal muscles are all targeted to varying degrees with its handlebar design.
  • No – High impact workout- It is very important to undergo low impact workout that is not harsh on your knees and joints. This indoor cycling bike has a double-piece fender protection that prevents your joints from pain or any accidental injury thus giving a sound experience.
  • Calorie Burner- The exerciser results in burning around 400 to 1500 calories per session depending on your exercise duration and workout level. The DVD’s come along with 8-week weight loss challenge program that suggests with meals plan and workout. It affects the rate of metabolism positively in your body thus making you burn calories even after your workout.
  • Resistance Function- Resistance is regarded to be the most significant feature of an indoor bike. The ability to change level of difficulty is must in a bike and the Mad Dogg Athletic Spinner has it all. The Adjustable height, resistance knob and padded saddle makes it fully compatible to intensify or cool down level of workout
  • Benefits with cardiovascular health- Doctors say 30 minutes of daily workout erases or at least minimizes the chance of chronic health problems or heart disease. This indoor bike is just right for healthy workout and living.

The spin indoor cycle comes with one year warranty on parts and comes under $500. It is a perfect exerciser to get healthy and fit at home for beginners as well as experienced gym rats.