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How to Find the Right Espresso Machine?

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Coffee, in short, can be described as a universal beverage. It is loved everywhere in the world and offers a delicious taste along with an aroma which for sure will captivate your senses. If you are looking forward to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, then you need not to look at any other option than the espresso as it can provide you with irresistible taste. It will also provide you with high quality, which you can only associate with the espresso machines. It can be said without any doubt that to make a good cup of coffee inside an espresso machine is an art for which you require knowledge and loads of practice.


To speak in generally, the espresso machines come with a tank, a boiler, a pump and a brew head which all combine to work by allowing the water to go through to the coffee grounds. But a big question which arises here is how to find the right espresso machine for yourself. You will need to consider various important aspects before you reach a decision and following are some tips which you may consider before you decide which espresso maker you want to buy.

To Begin With, Check the Bars of Pressure

Generally, the good coffee machines available in the market have the capability to generate around nine-ten bars of pressure. Along with it, these machines also make the process of brewing free of errors. But there are some advanced super automatic machines as well which can generate even eighteen bars of pressure.

The Types of Espresso Machines

You should have a clear idea about various machines available to buy in the market. Different companies different types of machines to suit different people. You need to understand the types of machines which will make it a lot easier to choose the machine which you want. The types of machines are –

  • Steam-driven machines: These are moderately priced items ($70 approx.) which use steam pressure to force the boiled water through the coffee ground. These are capable brewing one carafe at a time.
  • Manual machines: These are a bit expensive ones which use a liver for forcing water through the grounds which may be uncomfortable for common people as it requires a lot of experience. These machines are often known as the oldest espresso makers.
  • Semi-automatic machines: These are the most popular machines. They require you to add coffee to portafilters and the pump movements thereafter are controlled using a brew button. Pulling an espresso shot is very easy here due to the manual brew cycling method.
  • Automatic machines: Automatic machines are for those who are shy in making efforts. These machines allow completing the brewing process at pre-set levels which can be done by using the electronic controls which are present.
  • Super automatic machines: In these machines, the only manual work you will do is adding the coffee beans. Brewing process, even the grinding is completed by the machine.

Carefully analyse to reach the Best Decision

After you have made yourself aware of the unique features of all the models, the process of choosing the best one for yourself becomes less complicated. And hence, you can arrive at the best decision which should be based on important factors including-

  • how many drinks you want in one swoop
  • how often you make coffee
  • easiness in maintenance and cleaning
  • pump pressure as well as the design of the machine


Most people these days are ardent fans of espresso coffee. This is also due to the fact that this full-bodied coffee can keep the energy levels at their peak for a full day. Add to it the taste, aroma as well as the cream, which is truly inimitable to say the least. People believe thatthe process of making this coffee is a combines art and science. And hence, you need to identify the right espresso maker, which will let you enjoy full-flavored as well as captivating coffee every day. You can have a look at and follow the above mentioned steps and use them to analyse the various types of espresso machines in a detailed manner and hence select the best one for you.