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Buy property, skip the brokerage!

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We know exactly how much you would hate paying that extra money, especially when you’re already spending a bomb on the property itself. Having a broker just crash your budget, probably reduces a few square-feet from your dream house and that is something you wouldn’t like doing. But it’s that time when the internet can simply take over anything and everything we did the old way! Here’s a few things you can do to skip paying the brokerage, doesn’t matter if you are looking for apartments for sale in Pune, or anywhere else in the country!

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  • Facebook

Mark has recently started trying to use Facebook for purposes other than socialization. Almost all cities have specific groups on Facebook that bring together people who want to buy, sell or rent property in their locality. The whole agenda is to skip the middle man and avoid paying brokerage fees. It’s also a good way to stay updated with properties that are for sale around the city, and you can always jump at an opportunity. Getting in touch with the owner is also made easier as you can simply comment on the post or write them a message.


  • Websites

The second option is a more recent one, where a lot of websites have come up trying to help people look for apartments either for renting and sale. These are user friendly and help you run a filtered search to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Probably inspired by Facebook, these provide its users a platform to put details of their property that they might want to sell along with other details and images too. You can look through them and also skip the trouble of having to go house hunting when you could be sitting at home or working in the office, all while you simultaneously look for homes.


Although these seem fancy and very convenient ideas, make sure you find out more or call them up and pay a visit. Since no one is accountable in this process and it is entirely your decision, it is advised to be careful. Get in touch with the owner or whoever is advertising for the property and make sure you visit the place.


You might also want to look through all its legal documentation and previous records. A smart way to know better is to ask others living in the same locality or building about the previous owners or even about the infrastructure in general. You’ll know if the ceiling has leakage issues or if the water supply is short.


Most importantly, make sure you invest in the property only after you are 100% convinced of the same. It is an important decision and you wouldn’t want to make a hasty one. Happy Home Hunting to you!