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Manage Money Easily with 6 Top Finance Apps

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There is no doubt that smartphones have become one of the most indispensible things in our daily life and it would be very hard to imagine life without it. However, besides calling and information sharing facilities, many people use their smartphones for money management by using several apps that helps them to prepare a database of income, expenditure and any other investment. If you are still unaware of such mobile applications, then you should learn about them, because such apps will help you in choosing right investment options. Take a look at six top financial apps that can help you in money management.


If you have interest in stock market and you would like to deal with multiple stocks, then this app will help you to involve more actively in free trading process.

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You might have paid $10 per trade as the minimum cost to the most of brokerage firms before, but once you use the Robinhood, you will find numerous ETFs and stocks available for trading. The app has been designed to help trying to deal with right stocks.


Are you struggling to find the best place to save your hard-earned money? You will not have to worry much about this, because the Digit mobile app will help you to analyze your money expenditure in an organized and secure manner.

The mobile app will establish a connection with all your bank accounts and will transfer a very small amount of money to your savings account. However, the notable thing is that you will never feel that some amount of money missing from your bank account.


If you want to make the process of investment an easiest one, then you should opt for this mobile app. Once you have opened an account with Betterment, the app will want to know about your ETFs, investment goals and diversified portfolio. After that the app will manage all your rebalancing and reinvesting with dividends.

In addition, Betterment will help the user to manage retirement accounts like traditional IRAS, Roth, SEP and IRA. One can use this mobile app free for six months, after which the user will have to pay for further access.


Savings is always one of the most important aspects and every one of us wants to make the process as convenient one. The Qapital mobile app will be the right choice for people who are concerned about savings.

The app will help an individual to set his or her financial goals and it will show them the most convenient ways to reach their desired goal. By using this one of the most effective mobile app related with money management, you will be able to form a scheduled transfer into your savings account. It will also be helpful for lawsuit funding companies.


This efficient mobile application will help you in accounting management and financial planning. If you are preparing an action plan, the app will verify the status of all your accounts and lay out the best plan against a monthly fee.

Future Advisor

A physical financial advisor may charge you big to provide advice regarding future investment, but this mobile app will help you in preparing your future investment plan even without asking for money. Once you have registered, the app will develop a customized portfolio and it will create several grades ranging from A to F. The app often makes several changes in the categories regarding to your requirement.

Several financial mobile application are available in online stores, but while purchasing them, make sure they are developed by reputed companies that maintain strict data protection policies for the safety and security of your bank accounts.

Author Bio- Jeffry Lehman is a professional financial advisor is associated with many lawsuit funding companies.  Get the best tips of finance management today.