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How to decide on a builder to buy property in Chennai

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The residential sector in Chennai is witnessing robust investments by the locals and national developers alike. With so many local and national builders becoming popular in Chennai, you have a lot of options to choose from. When purchasing a property, giving lot of importance on deciding the builder is important. Construction projects often face many hurdles in getting approvals from different authorities. In some cases, the project can get delayed significantly due to this, while in some other cases the entire project might be scrapped and this can result in a big loss to the buyer. The chances of such issues rising for renowned builders are far fewer than in the case of builders who aren’t so distinguished.aaaa

First identify your position and needs

Risking all your savings and taking a huge bank loan on top of it to purchase a property is definitely not the best investment decision. Weigh your financial position carefully and see how much you can actually afford. Also,take into consideration your personal and family needs and carefully analyse your investment decision. It is always good to negotiate more with a developer. This might help you to save on some more costs and reduce your financial burden.

What to research about builders

Before buying any property, the best thing to do is research. Collect all possible information regarding a builder and keep an eye on the news to find out if the builder is into any legal tussles. Gather details regarding the current projects from the builder and their financial situation. Investigate about the quality of their construction and the ability to deliver on time. If you are buying from a small builder, enquire about their whereabouts from the locality. Check with other buyers on the cost and payment details.

Where to look

Unlike a few years ago, gathering all information about builders has now become extremely easy thanks for the internet. Websites, news articles, internet discussion forums, review sites, citizen views, consumer feedback and social networking sites can give you access to the latest information. In case of small builders in Chennai, visit the properties the builder has sold earlier and enquire. Also, check in the locality for any litigation issues.

Size and feedback ratio matters

With large builders, the chances of problems are fewer and they usually charge only 20 to 30% premium than small builders. However big the builder is and however attractive their package is, do an extensive research on them and the property before buying.

Small isn’t bad

A small builder doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not capable of executing splendid works. We find many cases where a small builder can offer you much better ROI than a large one.

Understand management background

Details regarding the builder’s management can give you more confidence about their values. Also, check if the management is involved in any cases or disputes.

Main builders in Chennai

Mahindra Life Spaces, Urban Tree, Ruby Builders, KG Builders, Golden Homes, Shobha Developers and Navinsaaradhana are some of the main construction companies who have numerous Apartments in Chennai.

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