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Mary Tolan – The Complete Package of Superiority

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As the co-founder of the Accretive Health, Inc. and also serving there as the president and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mary Tolan has achieved great heights in the professional field. She is a versatile individual who has reached the acme of success by catering to the needs of the individuals in many ways. Firstly, her perfection gets defined with her enormous experience of 22 years with the Accenture. For any individual it becomes quite challenging to hold such a designation of repute, but in case of Tolan it was a cakewalk. There are umpteen attributes of Tolan, which even make clear her persona. It clearly showcases her professionalism and inspires other to be like her. She is somebody who left others far behind in the race, thereby racing ahead to the top with great ease.

For any person, it really becomes tough to crack the whip, but in her case she has performed impeccably and reached all the core limits. Tolan is regarded with high esteem in the industry where she served. She steals the show owing to her enormous contribution to the work. As she always said, obtaining something in life requires nothing, but utmost dedication and everything gets fulfilled once you get to pass through the tough grind.


There are several factors that advocate her magnanimity. Despite her reach towards the pinnacle of her career, she has never been reluctant to lend a helping hand to the needy. Her generosity amalgamated with compassion speaks more about her. With the quantum altruism, she has reached several destitute and given catered to their requirements. This type of nature is hard to acknowledge in the masses that are in the same league of the achievements as her, but here the story is different like chalk and cheese. She has always been earnest in her efforts that have made her an exception from others.

Mary Tolan , has pursued Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Chicago and later on walked on the same track with the masters degree from the very same university. No doubt she worked in Accenture, but with these degrees she has also contributed enough to the health sectors. In the broader terminology it is known as professionalism. Only few people can attain this in life and the one who do this are avant garde.

Taking the glimpse from her college life – she has been an avid scholar and has been felicitated at several podiums. Her contribution to the firms wherein for the long run she has been at the helm is astounding. Pandering to the essences of the big time firms and then ruling the roost in those offices is undoubtedly extensive. Candidly speaking, when it comes to the title like Mary Tolan, you will have to have the copious time to count the virtues which are inculcated in her and beyond doubt all these virtues frame her distinct from others in the market. In the nutshell, Tolan is the package of superiority that is meant for the betterment of other.