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15 Collectibles That Are Completely Worthless

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NEW YORK — At some point in many of our lives, we’ve tried to complete a collection of something. There’s just something about having an incomplete set of collectibles that triggers this desire in our brains to go out and gather the rest of them because … well, that’s a question for another day.

But if we’re truly honest with ourselves, many of the collectibles we’ve tried to amass, either as children or as adults, were ultimately rendered worthless. We spent all that time and money to finish the set only to realize that we wasted our resources.

So looking back on it, what are some of the most devalued collections out there? We checked out some of the collectibles up for auction on eBay (EBAY) and compared them against current selling prices for the same item on Amazon (AMZN). Here’s our list of 15 collectibles that tend to be more worthless than not.