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Starting a Business and Looking Into Information Systems

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In the modern world, information is the currency of the realm. According to Server Backup, a company that helps keep files safe, it is necessary to be prepared to implement a well-built information system using up-to-date technology when starting a new business, or fall behind those that do. An information system is a technology program designed to support operations, management, and decision-making processes.

The Necessity of Information Systems

Both large and small businesses benefit greatly from Information Systems (IS). Even a sole proprietorship with no employees will need to manage their finances, payments, and inventory. As the size of a business increases, and the organization of multiple people becomes a more prevalent part of the business, issues of work flow and communication require more active management. Systematizing these processes is necessary for success. Fortunately, there are good tools to assist in this task.

Tools Available to Small Businesses

The classical tools of graph paper and date books, while a little outdated, are technically a form of Information System, but the modern age of technology has brought a large variety of tools and resources to the table. The tools you choose to use for your small business will be determined by the specific needs of that business. However, there are some broad areas that should definitely be addressed.

Credit Card Readers

One of the most important features a business should have is the ability to process credit and debit cards. This no longer requires the sort of specialized set up it used to; there are a variety of smartphone driven card readers available at different price points, allowing smaller businesses access to such transactions.

Starting a Business and Looking Into Information Systems

Alternative Programs

There are a variety of alternatives available for the standard Microsoft Access programs. Many of them are even free, which can be very helpful to small business owners. If startup funds are low, these programs may be a good option. This can also be used for managing employee rosters and scheduling.


According to Server Backup (click here), accounting software is a must businesses of all sizes, and there are a variety of options available ranging from more advanced software with a monthly use fee, to free programs that pack just as much of a punch to finance management. Other tools are available, such as project management apps for coordinating employees. It is advisable to research the various tools and make an informed decision on exactly which projects are correct for your business.


The learning curve of different tools varies widely. Simpler programs such as LibreOffice Base are going to have a less steep learning curve than the more complex Microsoft access. However, for most programs and tools, a large number of tutorials and FAQs are available online. A simple web search can answer most questions, and proficiency can usually be attained without specific training.

By ensuring your business has every available tool at its disposal, the chances of success and growth are much higher. Research some of the information systems available and make the best informed decisions before selecting the right program for your business.