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Metro Marketing

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Marketing these days is becoming highly individualized by using the vast amounts of web data available to both predict trends and build messages specifically for the varying target audiences. While corporate schwag can’t become that unique until 3D printers become the norm, unique tricks can match your product to the market of the city you’re selling in. It comes as no surprise that big cities all have a certain pride that even rural towns can’t understand. This vehement adoration is exactly what you can capitalize on since you can print on anything these days. What the Locals Know The biggest of the big is, of course,New York. Ever the monster since the immigrants that built it up came over from Europe, it is a vibrant and loud world of little space and even less time.

If you’re headed to a city of this caliber and want to capitalize on their pride, you could go with the stereotypical Statue of Liberty images or Chicago beans but thinking outside the box is what will really get you noticed. Instead, spend some time scouting out big city downtowns where most business is done. Find out what the locals like. Note if there are any images specific to that area alone. By incorporating what they are comfortable with into your schwag, you immediately build a connection of understanding that opens doors to sales in an extremely competitive market.



Useful for Daily Living After you’ve honed in on the pride of the locals, start figuring out what would be useful to the buyers and sellers of the region you’re looking to expand into. The average person in downtown Seattle will require schwag that is far different from the locals out in Bremerton. With pad printing services available on everything, you can begin ordering groups of free stuff to give out based on who you’re trying to woo with your brand. As far as big cities go, nice pens and sticky notes are always welcome. For smaller towns, coffee mugs and keychains are the perfect way to start getting your brand into their homes which, in the more rural areas, is the first step in gaining their trust. Test it Out Because schwag isn’t terribly expensive, you can use it to build local preferences even further.

With the research done and your ideas of great giveaways already ordered, offer your potential clients and those that visit a choice of one free item. Make a note to track who takes what. While you can just track their company, this data can be expanded to include if they work for a branch of said company, what department they belong to and other crucial pieces of data. Inevitably, the data map will reveal trends that help you better choose future schwag to get your product noticed by more and more people no matter where you’re looking to expand.