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Great Tricks And Tips For Keeping Your Upholstery Clean

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Some of the things to fare the worst around the house are usually upholstered items like sofas and couches. When it comes to house cleaning, taking care of upholstery can be quite a challenge. The smallest things can result in a lot of damage: for instance, a tiny spill of that wine you served your guests could really cut into this month’s savings if you have to get your entire couch reupholstered or those two minutes you looked away while your toddler was eating on the living room sofa can come back to haunt you! Before you start worrying, here’s some great news: in this article we have a variety of great tricks and tips from cleaning companies on how you can keep your upholstery clean.

First and foremost, whether you are just wiping down the upholstery for some regular cleaning or you are trying to tackle a food stain, it is important to acquaint yourself with the manufacturers’ instructions that come with the product. All upholstered items will carry some form of information regarding care and cleaning and it is very important that you follow these to the T. If your upholstery calls for avoiding water and water-based cleaning products, then you must resist the urge to use a damp cloth to wipe that food stain. If your upholstery care tags direct you cleaningto have it dry cleaned, follow the instructions and spend a little extra because you won’t regret it when your cleaned items come back from the professional cleaning service in Kensigton looking brand new. Don’t try to circumvent instructions to save time and money; you’ll only be exhausting more of these resources in trying to repair any damage you might do along the way.

Learn how to tackle spills and stains efficiently. You can’t wait for the cleaning contractors to arrive every time. With food and drink spills the important thing is to contain the damage and to keep the stain from getting absorbed into the upholstery. Remember never to scrub or wipe the affected area as this will only serve to spread the mess. Instead you need to get an absorbent cloth or thick tissue or absorbent cleaning pads and gently blot the affected area.

It is also important that you learn to recognise different kinds of stains and the kind of cleaning techniques and products that work best with them. Oil-based stains such as food spills should be tackled gently with hot water and a clean wiping cloth. The hot water helps to get the grease out, but remember to be gentle and not rub the upholstered fabric too vigorously. Non-oily stains should be treated with cold water instead. Domestic cleaning professionals also recommend purchasing and storing some regular upholstery cleaning agents in the house. While you can make do with other products such as vinegar solutions, it does help to have some tested cleaning products on hand when you can’t call for cleaning services.

Most homeowners are well aware of the fact that regular maintenance and cleaning actually help keep things strong, clean and dirt-free. Hiring cleaning agencies is only necessary for deep-cleaning and large repairs that you can’t handle yourself. However, as most upholsterycleaning companies share, people usually default on taking care of the upholstery around the house until it’s too late. You can prevent a lot of damage simply by vacuuming weekly and lightly dusting all the surfaces in the house every day. A frequent dusting will mean you won’t need sofa cleaning and upholstery cleaning services quite as often.