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How to Clean House With Minimal Effort

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If you want to ever escape the tedious chores but keep the sparkle, there probably is only one word for you – optimization! It’s a key feature of every good organizer that could save you more time and effort you have ever dreamed of. Imagine doing the dishes while laundering and dusting while cleaning the windows. Such simple tricks might not sound promising but if you take a second to think about how many things could you do if you just manage to organize one resource we all have – time, you might stand in awe, too.

Really, think about how much time you waste everyday and what helpful tasks you could do in it. It sometimes seems like wasting time is an all-along activity. You waste it in the shop, on the job, in front of the TV, in the bath, etc. And it seems like everybody does it, too. That’s why a little effort here might mean saving a lot of effort somewhere else. For example, makingeffective and flawless house cleaning. If you just first sit down for a few minutes to write down what you plan to do when you may end up surprised how easy it is to organize your time. If you do the laundry while washing the dishes, for example, you can combine two chores for the prize of one in the same time. The same goes for dusting and vacuuming. First take a wet cloth and go all the way through your furniture, bins, drawers, etc. Then give it a great vacuum. Thus all the dust you couldn’t sweep will end up on the ground where you could just vacuum it. The same goes for a number of activities
cleaningTry prioritizing your activities as clear as possible and setting up a strict order to save time. This is the first step to cut down your troubles. If you live in a large house or have a big family may be your primary concern is the garbage and you should take care of it first when you come home. Then you could consider buying some groceries while you are still out. But if you have pets with long hair you may consider brushing or sweeping the dust (all along with the hairs) first. It depends entirely on your situation and personality what is most important when but if you just try to organize a simple chore schedule you will definitely notice how some things just need to be done before others. Like throwing the garbage, doing the dishes or vacuuming. Those chores should be first in your list! If you just try having housekeeping schedule for a few weeks you will notice the chores that just stand out. Those are your priorities! Put them first from now on and you will soon find out that cleaning is becoming faster and easier.

Then try to cross reference activities, e.g. find out what you can do simultaneously. Throwing the garbage and shopping and dusting before vacuuming are nice examples but once you have your schedule set up you could see what else you could cover while doing something! For example, could you walk the dog while throwing the garbage and shopping groceries? If you could you might also find time to stop by the bank along the way. Or any other outside activity. Learn how to organize your time so you could do maximum activities in a minimum steps. If you have good list and clear priorities this should be easy. You will be surprised how much time we lose each day on unnecessary activities. A good list will help you stick everything together and throw off time-consuming gaps. Then you will have extra time on your hands to do the rest of your tasks and get everything done faster and easier. The trick is not to overdo it and try to do everything at once but to disperse tiresome activities at regular intervals so you will have time to rest and then tire yourself again and again. Then you will have all the chores done and you will be still feeling great!

Yet another useful tip is to try arranging your home for the easiest and fastest cleaning possible. For example, if you put light and spacey rafts or stores on top of heavy drawers or desks you could make moving them for dusting or wiping easier. Put carpets or rugs on traffic highways and keep linoleum or vinyl floor covers regularly cleaned. Organizing for a low effort but regular cleaning can save you a lot of trouble for an irregular, but high effort cleaning. Put garbage containers close to plots, tables or cookers so all food garbage could easily end up in the bin and you don’t walk a long way between the place where you prepare the food and where you throw the garbage. Such little tricks might not seem big deals but they can save you a lot of effort!