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Advantages of Installing Dropped Ceiling for your home or place

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There are many items on a ceiling that can reduce the visual impact made by the design of the room. Dropped ceilings provide home owners the ability to hide the items from view and even improve the aesthetics. A dropped ceiling is the secondary ceiling that is hung below the main or structural ceiling. It is also known as false ceiling, drop-out ceiling or drop-in ceiling. These ceilings are applicable in both residential and commercial areas. They even provide certain other practical features in the rooms they are installed in.

Dropped Ceiling

Benefits of Dropped Ceiling:

  • These ceilings are a practical method to hide electrical wires and plumbing lines.
  • They can be used to improve the lighting arrangement of the room.
  • These drop ceiling panels can improve the aesthetics and the environment of the rooms.
  • Dropped ceilings are quite easy to install.
  • Maintenance of these ceilings is not a challenging task.
  • Drop ceiling panels are absolute for rooms that require a good and stylish décor.
  • Drop Ceiling Panels are very customizable

The panels used in dropped ceilings can be customized to match the exact tastes of the user. They can be modified to match the function of the room as well.

The panels themselves can be removed from the ceilings without too much effort. This will allow the user to modify the entire set up in an easy manner. The panels can be removed and individually painted. After replacement the panels can create interesting patterns and shapes in the ceiling.  One the other hand, it is possible to purchase panels from suppliers which already have patterns and designs. Many such panels are available. Plates can have wood patterns, specific designs, particular colors printed on them on them beforehand.

There are panels which are available as a single collection. These collections can impart certain visual effects to the room. Certain collections are meant to resemble the outdoor sky. There are others available which have specific patterns printed on them which can make the ceiling appear to be a traditional one. Ornate panels are available as well. Light panels are available which provide an addition to the lighting arrangement of the rooms.

Dropped Ceiling

The ability to customize the panels makes it easier to provide certain effects to the room. A classroom can have panels that look plain and utilitarian so that the room itself can encourage the occupants to indulge in educational activities.

  • Practicality and Affordability

    Drop ceiling panels can be a practical option for many places including offices and commercial places. They can improve the décor of the room by hiding the electrical wires along with the water pipes and ducts from view. Be that as it may, the repair of those pipes, ducts and wires will not be hampered in any way. The panels can be removed easily to enable the repair to proceed without any trouble. However plaster ceilings do not offer the same advantage. They can create delays in the repair job which can increase the difficulties of repair. In a crisis, the repair job can proceed faster if dropped ceilings are installed rather than plaster ceilings.

  • Cost effective:

    At the same time, cost is another important aspect of these drop panel ceilings. The panels can be brought at low prices. If the design of the room need to be changed, the panels of the ceilings can be replaced easily. The cost of the new panels will be much lesser than the cost of repainting a hard ceiling. The installation of new lights can also be easier with dropped ceilings. Light panels can be installed wherever extra lights are required in the room. This reduces the cost of installation of new lights by a considerable margin. If stains appear on the panels, they can be replaced without the need for repairing the ceiling. This keeps the cost of maintenance quite low as well.

  • Fire safety:

    Ceiling tiles are made up of mineral fiber, plastic, tin within the construction to ensure the safety.

Disadvantage of Ceiling system:

The main disadvantage of ceiling system is its reduced headroom.  Before installing ceiling tiles, the area should be clear between grids and duct pipes. Minimum clearance of 100 -200 mm is required between the lowest obstruction and ceiling grid.