Advancing Your Career and Helping Society Simultaneously

Every adult wants to make a good living so that they can enjoy the good things in life. Supporting yourself and a family is important, but you might also think on a more global scale. You may advance your career for the sake of helping others. Improving society by advancing your career is possible when you explore these particular pathways.

The Law and Pro-Bono Work


When you have a law degree, you have the power to help people who cannot afford an attorney in the first place. Consider the addition of pro-bono work to your resume. Once a month, volunteer your time with people who simply need some advice on wills, divorces and other legal proceedings. Your clients benefit with the free services while you gain more experience with every transaction. Your career advances as you learn more about these unique aspects to legal defense.


Nurse With Hazmat Experience


Nurses perform the difficult job of helping others when they’re ill. From late nights to double shifts, nursing work is around the clock. Advance your career by helping your facility with hazmat care. If a disease outbreak occurs at your facility, you have the training and background to manage the situation. Classes and certifications improve your career outlook while you help others with a grave situation.


Specialize in Military Care


If you’re interested in joining the military, this entire organization helps society. You can go a step further, however, by specializing as a CBRN specialist. Learn how to detect, control and manipulate biological, chemical, nuclear and radiologial threats that occur in the field. As modern warfare continues to grow in complexity, your experience in this field can save countless lives.


Social-Work Aspects


Working with people on a personal level is still a career with a lot of opportunities. Social work, such as helping kids or aiding the elderly, is critical support for any neighborhood. Take advanced classes so that you can manage and improve social programs in your area. It takes a strong mind and a unique outlook to improve services to the needy. Your dedication and education can make a difference.


Volunteering your free time at a local organization is another way to help the world. It can also advance your career because job opportunities often evolve from basic meetings with others. Keep an open mind, volunteer with passion and you’ll have a more fulfilled life with little effort.