Give your house a new makeover!

So many innovations are done with the walls, these days. There may be times when you get confused about which wall color or painting suits your style or wall. Painting a house is the most tedious work that involves a lot of money, time and energy. But due to this you cannot keep your house dirty or worn out. If you are in search of painters in your house, then providing you with interior painting services in Mumbai. Your house will look beautiful after painting.

It’s just a click away from you and takes less than a minute to book the services. Log into the website and choose painting services and book an appointment there. Best of all is the time convenience that you enjoy at the site. You can select the time which suits you. When your appointment is fixed, a team of professionals will approach to your house and tell you about the new painting techniques and wall paintings that are hot this season.

Wall painting services in Mumbai will help you get a nice design portrayed on the wall. You may wish a simple or theme based design, they will paint according to your choice. Get the similar design on all the walls or modify according to your placement of furniture, all at your choice. These home painters in Mumbai are an expert in their respective field. They will tell you about the multiple options which are usually selected by the peoples. You can select one out of it or share your own creativity.

While painting a house if you neglect your furniture, then it will façade the beauty of the house. Convert your old furniture into new by opting carpenter service Mumbai. Your furniture will look as new and add-on to the beauty of the house. You may wish to get some new furniture or simply renovate the old one. The carpenter services of the website should not be missed out. Fix an appointment with the carpenter and transform your furniture.

With the fast life ruling in the city, you need your work to get completed on the desired date. This is what you get at House joy. You enjoy freedom of picking the services at your own convenience. Select your time, your date and forget. On selected dates, experts will visit your house and render the services you asked for.

It’s so easy. Isn’t it? Then why not tell your relatives. Tell them and see your virtual wallet grow. With every person referred by you help you get 100 Rs in your purse. Even your relatives get the discount of Rs 200 on their first order. This way you earn, your relative earns and both of you enjoy various services at home. No more tensions as to where to get your repair and painting work done.

The Benefits of Green Insulation

Insulation has often been a necessary evil in building construction. While it is needed to buffer a home or building from the elements and to maintain climate control, the materials used could, at times, be hazardous to one’s health and also produce large amounts of waste for the landfills when new construction began. However, that no longer needs to be the case.

Recycled insulation can include cellulose insulation, which is often composed of over 75 percent of recycled materials, most commonly including newspaper. Recycled denim can also be used as a type of durable insulation, and recycled fiberglass insulation is yet another option. It is important to note that over 90 percent of current building insulation includes fiberglass materials, making it imperative to find a second life for it as opposed to simply creating more waste.

Green insulation is often greater in efficiency than traditional types of insulators. In addition, businesses can benefit financially as it has been shown that 55 percent of consumers — a quickly growing number –are willing to pay more for services and products that are suppliedby companies committed to creating a positive environmental change. Learn more about the benefits of green insulation as well as other current building trends that are quickly gaining steam by checking out the following infographic.

Green Building Trends in 2016 Infographic
Green Building Trends in 2016 Infographic

Buy property, skip the brokerage!

We know exactly how much you would hate paying that extra money, especially when you’re already spending a bomb on the property itself. Having a broker just crash your budget, probably reduces a few square-feet from your dream house and that is something you wouldn’t like doing. But it’s that time when the internet can simply take over anything and everything we did the old way! Here’s a few things you can do to skip paying the brokerage, doesn’t matter if you are looking for apartments for sale in Pune, or anywhere else in the country!

pune hdfc

  • Facebook

Mark has recently started trying to use Facebook for purposes other than socialization. Almost all cities have specific groups on Facebook that bring together people who want to buy, sell or rent property in their locality. The whole agenda is to skip the middle man and avoid paying brokerage fees. It’s also a good way to stay updated with properties that are for sale around the city, and you can always jump at an opportunity. Getting in touch with the owner is also made easier as you can simply comment on the post or write them a message.


  • Websites

The second option is a more recent one, where a lot of websites have come up trying to help people look for apartments either for renting and sale. These are user friendly and help you run a filtered search to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Probably inspired by Facebook, these provide its users a platform to put details of their property that they might want to sell along with other details and images too. You can look through them and also skip the trouble of having to go house hunting when you could be sitting at home or working in the office, all while you simultaneously look for homes.


Although these seem fancy and very convenient ideas, make sure you find out more or call them up and pay a visit. Since no one is accountable in this process and it is entirely your decision, it is advised to be careful. Get in touch with the owner or whoever is advertising for the property and make sure you visit the place.


You might also want to look through all its legal documentation and previous records. A smart way to know better is to ask others living in the same locality or building about the previous owners or even about the infrastructure in general. You’ll know if the ceiling has leakage issues or if the water supply is short.


Most importantly, make sure you invest in the property only after you are 100% convinced of the same. It is an important decision and you wouldn’t want to make a hasty one. Happy Home Hunting to you!


How to decide on a builder to buy property in Chennai

The residential sector in Chennai is witnessing robust investments by the locals and national developers alike. With so many local and national builders becoming popular in Chennai, you have a lot of options to choose from. When purchasing a property, giving lot of importance on deciding the builder is important. Construction projects often face many hurdles in getting approvals from different authorities. In some cases, the project can get delayed significantly due to this, while in some other cases the entire project might be scrapped and this can result in a big loss to the buyer. The chances of such issues rising for renowned builders are far fewer than in the case of builders who aren’t so distinguished.aaaa

First identify your position and needs

Risking all your savings and taking a huge bank loan on top of it to purchase a property is definitely not the best investment decision. Weigh your financial position carefully and see how much you can actually afford. Also,take into consideration your personal and family needs and carefully analyse your investment decision. It is always good to negotiate more with a developer. This might help you to save on some more costs and reduce your financial burden.

What to research about builders

Before buying any property, the best thing to do is research. Collect all possible information regarding a builder and keep an eye on the news to find out if the builder is into any legal tussles. Gather details regarding the current projects from the builder and their financial situation. Investigate about the quality of their construction and the ability to deliver on time. If you are buying from a small builder, enquire about their whereabouts from the locality. Check with other buyers on the cost and payment details.

Where to look

Unlike a few years ago, gathering all information about builders has now become extremely easy thanks for the internet. Websites, news articles, internet discussion forums, review sites, citizen views, consumer feedback and social networking sites can give you access to the latest information. In case of small builders in Chennai, visit the properties the builder has sold earlier and enquire. Also, check in the locality for any litigation issues.

Size and feedback ratio matters

With large builders, the chances of problems are fewer and they usually charge only 20 to 30% premium than small builders. However big the builder is and however attractive their package is, do an extensive research on them and the property before buying.

Small isn’t bad

A small builder doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not capable of executing splendid works. We find many cases where a small builder can offer you much better ROI than a large one.

Understand management background

Details regarding the builder’s management can give you more confidence about their values. Also, check if the management is involved in any cases or disputes.

Main builders in Chennai

Mahindra Life Spaces, Urban Tree, Ruby Builders, KG Builders, Golden Homes, Shobha Developers and Navinsaaradhana are some of the main construction companies who have numerous Apartments in Chennai.

To get more details regarding builders in Chennai visit RoofandFloor. An excellent tool to get more details aboutconstruction companies, builders and architects in Chennai, RoofandFloor specialises in providing carefully verified listings of properties in Chennai.

Villa projects in devanahalli


Due to our busy lives, we tend to be comfortable with whatever kind of place that we can get easily. Our focus is majorly to succeed in our career and we are definite that the rest will happen. It is this very over confidence about the ‘rest’, that eventually betrays us and we have to keep changing the picture we have had in our forever about our future.  First it is us living with a happy family in a bungalow, then it changes to a builder home and eventually we land up having to live in a flat for the rest of our lives. A flat is definitely a good option once you start living your bachelor life, but when you have made your stand firm in the professional field, and have a happy family in the process, then having a villa becomes the next dream, which then would be impossible to achieve.


So if you have any such dream of living in a villa planned out for yourself, then why not start working on it now? Century real estate is offering villas in devanahalli, and mind you they aren’t just any villas, they are being built by the best engineers in the most spectacular ways one can imagine. The villa projects in devanahalli have been awaited for a very long time and we are aware of it so when the opportunity has finally arrived, do not let it pass you by.

There are many advantages of investing in villa projects in devanahalli. A few of them are listed down below:

  1. First and foremost is that is bound to be the deal breaker is that these Villas in devanahalli are located at a prime location
  2. Investment in Villa projects in devanahalli is indeed a very safe investment and is bound to give good returns in the future.
  3. Row houses available for sale in devanahalli are available at a very reasonable rate so you don’t even have to worry about the continuously building up interest on the bank loan that you would take for your villas in devanahalli.

I am certain that by now you are already convinced to buy one of the Row houses available for sale in devanahalli and are probably planning out your finances accordingly. Well I would be, if I were you..!!

The villas in devanahalli are your once in a lifetime chance to have a villa owned by you. There indeed was a time when your mother carried you in her arms to her house, this Villa projects in devanahalli, is your chance to hold your mother’s arm and take her in to your house. Let your wife feel the proud owner of her own villa. And let your children know what it feels like to play hide and seek in two different stories of the same house, safe and sound. What are you waiting for still? Grab this chance, because who knows, when will such a brilliant chance come by your way again.

Features of SobhaElan That Will Blow You Away

Coimbatore is a major city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The city is well known for its commercial, educational and manufacturing hub. Due to the large paramount of cotton and textile industries Coimbatore is also known as the “Manchester of South India” The place is already known for the educational excellence the city offers. Moreover, major information technology companies are located in Coimbatore. Coimbatore has seen rapid growth due to industrialization. The boom in industrial sector has in turn resulted in population growth in the city which is now over 35 lakhs. The real estate in Coimbatore is at a high and is soaring leaps and bounds. Last year in 2014, Coimbatore had ranked had ranked as the best emerging city in India.

Features of SobhaElan Coimbatore

Features provided by Sobha Elan are unique are specially tailored that will suite your requirements.


It provides stilt plus 4 storey RCC framed structure with masonry walls and in addition to this it also provides covered 2/4 wheeler parking in the stilt floor.

Living, Dining or Foyer and Bedrooms

Your apartment will have plastic emulation paint on the ceiling and walls and along with this it will also have a superior quality of vitrified skirting and title flooring and hence it will last for a long time.

Toilets and Kitchen

You’ll findfalse ceiling with grid panels in the toilets. Both in the kitchen as well as the toilets a superior quality of ceramic tile flooring and plastic emulation paint would be used.

Balconies and Utilities

In the balcony granite coping for parapet/ MS handrail will be used as per the design and all the walls will be painted in textured paint.


The main door, bedroom door and toilet door frames and architrave are made of timber. The shutters have masonite skin on both the sides and in addition the shutters of the toilet will be laminated from the inside. All the other external doors will be manufactured in specially designed aluminium frames with shutter panels. The heavy duty aluminium glazed sliding doors and windows will be made from specially designed and manufactured sections.


In the staircase plastic emulsion paint will be used for the ceiling and along with this granite will be used for risers and treads, textured paint for the walls and MS handrail will be used too.


Only lifts of reputed make will be used as the residents safety is the topmost priority at Sobha Elan.

Some amenities provided by SobhaElan:


Sobha Elan Coimbatore provides its residents with recreation activities such as a multipurpose hall, indoor and outdoor games area for everyone and also a park with kids play area for the little ones. For the health conscious ones it has a jogger’s track as well as a gymnasium/health club and a swimming pool.


Sobah Elan is not only provides the best residential apartments but it also contributes its own little bit to protect nature and has thus installed solar water heater as well as undertakes rain water harvesting.  In addition to this it also has an extensive tree planting in parks and open spaces.

Integrated amenities

Some of Elan’s integrated amenities include a dedicated sewage treatment plant, power back up, 24 x 7 security, street lighting and a dedicated 4 as well as 2 wheeler covered parking. It also designed to have a concealed sewage and storm drains, water lines and electrical lines.  It will also have a treated water supply along with an adequate underground storage. In addition it will also have 10 meters wide tree lined avenues with pedestrian walkways.

Carlyle Weighs U.S. Real Estate Expansion, Rubenstein Says

Carlyle Group Co-Founder David Rubenstein

Carlyle Group LP, the world’s second-biggest manager of alternatives to stocks and bonds, may add a real estate offering targeting about 10 percent returns, co-founder David Rubenstein said.

Carlyle is evaluating whether clients would be receptive to a so-called core-plus strategy in real estate, Rubenstein said at Morgan Stanley’s financials conference Tuesday in New York.

“We are looking seriously at the core-plus business,” said Rubenstein, Carlyle’s co-chief executive officer. “Core-plus is likely to be a very great growth business in real estate, critically in the United States. Nine to eleven percent, because interest rates have been so low, is a very attractive range for a lot of investors now.”

Core real estate includes high-quality, well leased properties such as prime office buildings, apartment towers and shopping malls. Core-plus refers to similar assets that might need extra work to boost values.

Blackstone Group LP, the biggest alternative investment firm, manages more than $5 billion in core-plus real estate after starting the offering in late 2013. The strategy may have $100 billion under management in a decade, Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman has said. The firm already oversees $93 billion in property.

Early Innings

“We’re in the very, very early innings in that business,” Jon Gray, Blackstone’s global head of real estate, said of the core-plus offering in a separate appearance at the conference Tuesday. “Out of the box, the performance has been good. If you could think about this three or four years from now, we would have these dedicated pools of capital that investors can park their money for a long term.”

Carlyle, which is based in Washington and manages about $15 billion in real estate, has predominantly focused on U.S. property for its opportunistic strategy, which it started in 1997. Opportunistic real estate investing typically targets returns of 15 percent to 20 percent. The firm’s international investments have fared less well, with one European property fund marked at 20 cents on the dollar.

Traditional Assets

Rubenstein also said alternative-asset managers, which include firms such as KKR & Co. and Apollo Global Management LLC, will increasingly move into traditional-asset management. These offerings would cater to clients seeking to cull the number of relationships with investment managers and also generate steadier fees for the firms, which public shareholders have historically viewed as more attractive than incentive-based earnings.

Carlyle’s stock has returned 59 percent, with dividends reinvested, over the past three years. Blackstone’s has returned 300 percent, Apollo’s has returned 144 percent and KKR’s has returned 140 percent.

“The biggest alternative firms will drift increasingly into doing some regular asset management,” said Rubenstein. “You tend to have more predictable fee income from regular asset management. That’s a trend you’ll see.”

Squeezed real estate firms eye asset sales, tie-ups

Squeezed real estate firms eye asset sales, tie-ups
Debt-laden real estate firms, their situation exacerbated by poor sales in the last financial year, are looking at asset sales and strategic partnerships to clean up their balance sheet.
With sales not expected to pick up for at least another 3-4 quarters, top executives of realty firms said the focus is to keep debt levels from going up further. The top 10 real estate firms by market capitalization had a total net debt of Rs.45,723 crore as on 31 March.
India’s largest developer by market capitalization, Delhi-based DLF Ltd, saw its debt rise by Rs.628 crore to Rs.20,965 crore in the March quarter from the preceding three months.
The company, in its investor presentation, said it plans to bring in private equity (PE) investors at the project level as strategic partners, and optimize its debt profile by issuance of debentures and commercial mortgage-backed securities.
Others are looking to sell assets.
Mumbai-based Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd’s (HDIL) net debt is around Rs.2,950 crore, after the company consistently tried to reduce it through sale of non-core assets and exited businesses such as entertainment.
The firm has put up its land parcels in Hyderabad, Vadodara and Kochi on the block in the last few months, and is also hoping that cash flows from its new projects will bring in relief for the company.
“Our focus has been on reducing debt, and we want to bring it belowRs.2,500 crore this year. We have already brought it down from Rs.4,200 crore since September, 2013,” said Hari Prakash Pandey, senior vice-president, finance and investor relations, HDIL. The company expects around Rs.700-900 crore of cash flow to come in during this year.
Sale of land, joint ventures, and PE capital (which will be the last option, according to Pandey) are the ways the company is looking to reduce debt.
Residential sales hit a low in the past year. The National Capital Region (NCR), the country’s largest property market, has a pile-up of inventory that will take at least 78 months to clear, according to property consultancy Liases Foras Real Estate Rating and Research Pvt. Ltd.
In the past year, the BSE realty index has fallen 34.66% while the Sensex has gained 4.5%.
In a 19 April report, Fitch Ratings Ltd says it expects Indian property developers to reduce debt in a significant way by the end of next year as the country’s investment climate improves. The process of reducing leverage stalled in 2014 due to weak sales and slower cash collections on properties that were sold towards the end of 2014 and in early 2015, as developers introduced easy payment schemes to stoke demand.
Stocks of large real estate firms such as Unitech Ltd and DLF plunged last week on account of wobbly fundamentals and fears that the Reserve Bank of India would not cut its policy rate any more (after a 0.25 percentage point cut last week).
Unitech, which has a total debt of Rs.3,565 crore according to Bloomberg and posted a consolidated net loss of Rs.162.54 crore in the March quarter, said it has brought down its debt and other liabilities, including telecom-related liabilities, significantly during the last financial year, and that all its telecom-related debt has been repaid.
“Unitech has been focusing on scaling up its construction activities and expects to increase deliveries considerably during the current year. Contracted sales of Unitech from its existing projects will yield positive cash flows for the company as the construction progresses, enabling the company to service its loans and gradually bring down the overall debt,” a spokesperson said in the context of a steep fall in the stock’s price.
“Apart from liquidating assets, joint ventures with other developers are a good way to keep leverage levels in control,” said Ravi Ahuja, executive director at property consultancy Cushman and Wakefield India.
Some developers, who don’t want to spoil their brand image, are selling at deep discounts to PE funds, rather than to retail customers, Ahuja said.
For the year 2015-16, Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Ltd is trying to replace expensive debt with cheaper loans as the company also tries to ramp up construction and delivery to enhance customer confidence, apart from selectively monetizing some projects, said Sunil Gupta, chief financial officer of the company.
“Debt reduction strategy will actually depend on how the market performs, and if sales start picking up and cash flows come in,” he said.
Not just top listed developers, unlisted firms are also struggling with high levels of debt and trying to refinance existing debt by taking on fresh debt or selling apartments in bulk to PE funds to bring down inventory levels.
“Debt levels have increased to a life-time high for unlisted developers compared to corresponding cash flow availability,” said Sunil Rohokale, chief executive and managing director, ASK Group.
The only sustainable way out, though, would appear to be higher sales.
Bengaluru’s Prestige Estates Projects Ltd, which has around Rs.3,200 crore of debt, clocked more than Rs.5,000 crore of sales last year.
Venkat K. Narayana, Prestige Estates’ chief financial officer, said the primary concern of a developer should be how capital is being borrowed and what the repayment strategy is.
“As long your borrowing rates are in control and your debt is balanced with corresponding sales, it is a good situation,” he said.
Mumbai-based Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd (IBREL), which has a net debt ofRs.5,480 crore, said sales in 2014-15 were reasonably robust at Rs.2,037 crore, up from Rs.1,549 crore the previous year.
IBREL’s debt levels are primarily high on account of the acquisition of the 22 Hanover Square property in central London and around eight acres of land in Thane last year, for a total cash outflow of about Rs.2,050 crore.
The company has over 38 million sq. ft. of saleable area in ongoing projects and in the pipeline and over 1,000 acres of fully paid-for land available for further development, a spokesperson said.
“Going forward, the company plans to focus on execution and delivery of these projects and use the surplus cash flows” to reduce debt, the spokesperson added.

What you need to know about Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management defines the administration involved in taking care of property in a manner that the value of the realty appreciates and if possible, could also generate income for the owner. The definition also involves all the operations, control and supervision done to fulfill the purpose as it is generally done by a property manager on some other’s behalf, that is, a third party who is the owner of that realty.

Real Estate is a basic and primary requirement to everything we do; we need it to live, to work, to play and to almost everything. It is also an important resource for domestic and overseas investments, which makes it an important aspect of any economy. Various renowned universities are offering courses on the same as this discipline requires who is skilled and knowledgeable enough to handle all the real estate matters, whether it is evaluating and appraising of assets, maintaining the estate and its market value, handling and initiating litigation matters at basic level, dealing with the tenants.

Such people who get into all these things and perform on the behalf of owners are called as Real Estate Managers or Property Managers. Usually people do not opt for a formal qualification in this field and prefer to utilize their own experience of years to take benefit, as we all know practical knowledge is always better than theory. A person, who is into real estate business from 20 years or so, would be a living institution in him/her. But as the economic conditions improve and infrastructural development accelerates, people are getting into academic certification to seize new growth opportunities. This fact brings us to the key attribute of this field which is Public Relations (PR), networking. The more social a person is, the bigger the circle of a person is better are the chances of his/her success in real estate. Networking helps in selling or buying properties, if not as per but at least close to the wishes. One never falls short of the buyers or sellers or even the people who are at administrative positions for that matter.

The duties of a real estate manager, as the name says, is to manage the property at its best value and help the owner to derive financial benefits out of the same. A real estate manager is responsible for budgeting expenses, collecting income orrents, complying to all necessary laws and regulations, maintaining rapport with the clients.He is also responsible for screening his client, that is, their legitimacy. A real estate manager also takes care of all types of maintenance, be it the preventive, repair or corrective, routine cleaning and maintenance, construction and also improving the tenants area if handling commercial or industrial property. A manager gives special attention to landlord/tenant law that creates issues like non-payment of rent, harassment, public nuisances, damage to the property by the tenant etc. There are many facets to the job of a real estate manager but in a crux to maintain and to fetch income from the property is what he is accountable mainly for.

Also if you are  looking for buying apartment, villas and luxury row house you should make plantings accordingly

5 Items That Singles Need for Their Estate Planning

Man thinking

A watershed demographic event occurred in the past few years, although without much notice: For the first time in U.S. history, there are more people who are single than married — 124.6 million singles (among 248.2 million people 16 and older) compared with 123.6 million who are married as of last year.

We’ll leave it to the sociologists to figure out what that means demographically. Financially, singletons have their own challenges. Take estate planning. “Everyone of majority age needs at the least a will, a health care directive and a named power of attorney,” says Mike Sena, a certified financial planner with White Street Advisors, a money management firm. “The express purpose of estate planning is to make things as easy, as inexpensive and as simple as required for loved ones, friends and associates left behind. Every situation, every life is unique — and some of us need more than others when it comes to estate planning.”

Disability and long-term care insurance becomes more important to singles because “there is no spouse or partner to rely on for help with covering expenses in case of incapacity and inability to work,” says Shelley Cabangon, a senior wealth planner at PNC Wealth Management in Palm Beach, Florida.

Someone to Plan for You

Married people also have a spouse who can make medical decisions on their behalf, but single people must plan for medical contingencies, says Karen Lee, an accredited estate planner with Karen Lee & Associates in Atlanta. “A single person needs to draft a durable power of attorney for medical and financial needs in the event they are incapacitated and unable to speak for themselves.” Lee also says singles need to consider who will inherit their assets if and when they die — otherwise the laws of the state will prevail — which makes a living will with advance directives a good idea.

“I just had a client become disabled due to a brain injury,” Lee says. “Although he had written a will in 1997, he never had a power of attorney. He was not only single and had no kids, he was an only child. There was no one to help make medical or financial decisions.” Lee says her client’s first cousin stepped up but had to go to court to get granted conservatorship to make decisions on his behalf. “That took four months. And even after, all decisions had to be made with the court approval. It was a colossal mess.”

Jeffrey Carbone, co-founder of Cornerstone Financial Partners, a North Carolina wealth management firm, lists and comments on five key documents singles needs to have for estate planning purposes:

  • Power of attorney. “That’s very important, especially for a single person, as it allows for someone to act on your behalf if you are unable to do so. You want to have someone you trust.”
  • Health care power of attorney. “This allows you to have someone make health care decisions if you are unable to.”
  • Revocable trust. “A revocable trust is a private document to pass assets on.”
  • Living will. “This is a document that has your health care wishes known.”
  • Will. “A will is a public record to pass along and carry out your intent.”