Plumbing Issues are a Major Concern for a New Home Owner

Have you recently switched addresses? Moving into a new property is an exciting experience, but it may come with a few caveats. If you have recently moved into a new home, you’ll need to make sure everything is in order. This includes the plumbing system. You may have bought a “fixer upper” at a very nice price. However, there is plenty of work that now needs to be done. It’s up to you to make sure that everything in your new home is running smoothly so that you and your family can enjoy living in it.

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It’s Always a Good Idea to Make Sure the Plumbing Works Correctly

One of the very first things you should check for when you inspect a potential new home is the plumbing. If the system is working correctly throughout the house, this means that the property is ready for you to move into. You certainly don’t want to spend the first few days in your new home worrying about whether or not the toilets work in the correct fashion. These are issues that the previous owner of the home should have taken care of before offering the property for sale.

If You Have to Buy a Fixer Upper, You’ll Need Professional Help

In some circumstances, it really does make sense to buy a “fixer upper” home. The price may be too good to ignore. However, the main criteria for buying a property in this condition is to be sure that the cost of the repair work will not exceed the money you saved by buying the home in the first place. The main thing to take into consideration is that you will need professional help to get the home back in good running order.

What Criteria Should You Keep in Mind for a Plumber?

If the main cause of the trouble is plumbing related, you can fix this issue by calling on the services of a professional plumber in Toronto. There are a number of important criteria that you will need to keep in mind when you call on a plumber. The first one will be availability. Can the plumbing service you contact be there on a same day basis? If an emergency should strike your home, a quick response is a must. This is not the kind of situation you can afford to be endlessly patient in.

The Plumber You Call Should Offer You an Initial Estimate

Another important element to insist upon is your right to get an initial estimate from the plumbing service that you call to your home. It’s important to know exactly what the cause and extent of the problem is. It’s also crucial to know just how long it will take to fix the issue in question, as well as how much the total cost of the repair work will be. This is the kind of issue that requires an initial estimate from the service you call upon.

Get the Full Cost of Repairs in Writing Before You Say Yes

It’s an excellent idea to use the occasion of an estimate to get the full cost of the repair work in writing before you agree to any repairs. This way, there will be no hidden fees or extra “emergency” charges. You want to get every possible charge in writing and accounted for before you sign on the dotted line. A legally binding contract leaves less chance for misunderstandings that could lead to all sorts of unpleasant outcomes, such as legal action. The less cause for confusion, the better.

It’s Always Best to Call Upon a Local Plumbing Service

The last thing to keep in mind at all times is that it is always best to call upon a purely local plumbing service. When an emergency strikes your home, you want a fast response. You don’t want to wait hours for an out of town plumbing service to finally show up to your home. At that point, the damage may have become almost too great for any service to repair. The sooner you can get help for your problem, the better. Always count on a local service to fix the issue.

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage is known to occur in residential homes and can destroy the personal belongings that are on the property. In many cases, it can also lead to mold, which can affect the health of residents. To reduce the risk of water damage, there are a few important steps to take as a homeowner.

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Clean Your Rain Gutters

Many people fail to clean their rain gutters throughout the year, which can cause rainwater to become backed up on the roof. This places excess pressure on the structure and can lead to leaks that develop. Make it a point to remove leaves and twigs from the gutters to promote proper water flow away from the building.

Inspect the Roof

Hire a professional to inspect the roof once a year and identify any areas where leaks are present. The roofer will seal the leaks by applying roofing cement underneath the roofing material. Tiles or shingles that are missing will also be replaced to ensure that the roof deck is protected. This includes inspecting the flashing that is installed on chimneys or vents to ensure that the roof is properly sealed from moisture.

Test the Sump Pump

The sump pump should be tested on a regular basis by filling the pit with water to ensure that the float is visible. The water levels fall after a few seconds after the float appears. The backup pump should also be tested after the main pump is unplugged.

Look for Leaks

Leaks that go undetected are one of the most common causes of water damage, making it important to inspect the property for water that is visible. Look for dark spots that have developed under sink cabinets or stains that have developed on the ceilings. Check to see if the toilets rock or are dripping.

Use a Drain Snake

A drain snake is more effective at fixing clogged pipes instead of relying on unclogging chemicals. Chemicals can eat away at the pipes that can eventually lead to water damage. If you notice persistent leaks and have water damage that occurs, it’s important to file a claim with an insurance claims adjuster to repair or replace damaged materials.

When you want to protect your home and prevent water damage, you’ll need to remain proactive with the steps that are taken with inspecting your home. Hire professionals to diagnose issues and be aware of moisture that develops in the attic or under sinks.

Tips for Expanding Your Living Space

The ideal home you purchased several years ago may no longer be ideal for your current situation. With growing families, home business, and new hobbies, your home may gradually become too cluttered, leaving you with little room for living comfortably. If it feels like your walls are caving in and you need solutions that will give you and your family ample room for your needs, consider these helpful ways to expand your living space.

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Create an Outdoor Living Room

One way to expand your living space is to add an outdoor living room. There are many things that you can do, even if you have limited space, to turn your backyard into a place for entertainment, tranquility, and relaxation. Consider the space you have to work with and use your imagination or ideas found to create a space you’ll enjoy spending time in. Make sure you define your space with a border using decorative screens, trellises, and tall plants. Add comfortable furniture that doubles as storage spaces, plenty of lighting, and a fire pit that will allow you to enjoy your space even on chilly evenings.

Build a Small Space as an Extra Room

Adding a small building on your property can give you a place to have your studio or to store things that cannot go inside of your home, such as a lawn mower. Consider the cost of steel buildings versus what it would cost you to build an addition onto your home. Steel buildings are generally cheaper, cause less hassle, and you can design them however you want. It’s best to work with a professional so they can create a steel building that will meet your needs as well as one that will fit nicely on your property.

Turn a Garage into Bonus Room

If you are willing to park your cars in the driveway instead of the garage, you can turn your garage into a bonus room. Transforming your garage is more involved than just moving new furniture into the space. You need to make sure all the walls are properly insulated and raise the floor height to provide insulation over the concrete slab floor. You should also consider adding heating and cooling solutions, replacing the garage door with stud walls, and making sure it has proper electricity. With time and a lot of work, you can make your garage look like it has always been a living space and wasn’t once a garage.

Finished Unfinished Spaces

Your home may already have the extra space you need in areas you may have overlooked due to them not being finished. Consider attics and basements and how much extra space they’ll give you. Finishing your basement can give you the home office you need or a hobby/game room for your kids to enjoy. An attic can become an additional bedroom, a studio, a den, or anything else you dream up.

Organize and Utilize Several Storage Solutions

One of the easiest ways to make the most out of your living space is to organize. Get rid of everything you no longer need and store items you currently don’t use but want to keep. Consider scaling down your furniture or making rooms multi-purpose rooms.

Many people are looking for ways to expand their living space because they don’t want to have to move. Consider what your needs are and how you can make your existing space work for you. Adding on an extra addition to your home can be costly, but can provide you with ample space and increase the value of your home. Turn your current unused spaces into spaces that benefit you and your growing lifestyle. Adding a steel building to your property can allow you to get rid of the clutter in your home, leaving you with more room indoors.

Be Prepared for Power Outages

Power outages can occur at the most inconvenient times. In fact, there is seldom a good time for the electricity to go off. Because things like severe thunderstorms can easily knock out the power, sometimes for hours at a time, it only makes good sense to have some sort of plan in place. That way, when it happens, life can go on, and the disruptions can be minimized.

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The best way to be prepared for a power outage is to install a backup generator. If you have given some thought to it but have been uncertain as to where to turn, there are places like Grasten Power Technologies, LLC that can help you. By offering products such as Kohler generators Houston, you can be all set the next time a storm hits and knocks out the power just when you are getting ready to watch the big game on television. You also won’t have to worry about what to do with the food you just thawed and were getting ready to cook.

A backup generator is something that should be professionally installed. Very few people have the expertise to do the job themselves and be assured that everything was done properly and according to code. The last thing you want is to have the unit not work when needed after you have made the purchase and gone to the trouble of installing it.

Another thing to consider when you have a generator installed is a service agreement. Because generators must work on a moment’s notice, there is no time to do preventative maintenance activities when the power goes off. With a service agreement, your generator will be taken care of by professionals who know the frequencies at which components need routine replacements.

A professional installer can also help you determine the correct size generator for your home. If you go with one that is too small, it might not be able to keep all the critical items in power while the electricity is off. If you choose one that is too large, you have simply wasted money by buying more than what you need or will ever use.

What to Know About Remodeling an Attic

Remodeling an attic is a great way to gain additional living space in your home. There are so many creative ways to give an attic new life, from adding a bedroom to creating an office or crafting space. There are also a lot of things to consider before taking on such a project. Sometimes it’s best to hire a contractor who specializes in this kind of work to be sure the end result is what you envisioned. Read on to discover what to know about remodeling an attic.

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Traffic Pattern Matters

Perhaps of most importance in an attic remodeling is how the room will be used. More specifically, the traffic pattern in the new space plays a role in how the renovation is to be done. You need to be sure there is enough headroom in the attic entrance, as well as i any part of the room in which you will be standing. This can be tricky, as you’ll also need to consider any necessary rafters or collar ties within the room. Your new space requires careful planning in which activities that require low head room, such as sleeping in a bed or sitting at a desk, occur on the sides of the room.

Adequate Access is Necessary

The manner in which you access the new space is of utmost importance. There are specific codes that must be met, particularly with bedrooms. For example, if the space is to be used as sleeping quarters, there must be a full staircase leading to the entrance and a second exit has to be available for emergency use. Other rooms may not have such stringent requirements and can be accessed by a ladder or pull-down mechanism. No matter what the purpose of your attic, the access point will need to be at a location within the room that allows for standing in order to be able to enter comfortably and get one’s bearings within the room.

Pay Attention to Roof Pitch

A steeper roof is ideal for attic renovations because it allows for more overall head room. This is definitely a point worth considering before starting any attic construction project. A contractor with attic expertise will be able to tell you the kids of activities your new space can accommodate based on your roof’s pitch.

These are just a few of the considerations that are required when renovating an attic space. Attic space requires a different approach than other rooms when it comes to remodeling.

Helping Cities Grow – Top Builders in Bangalore and Chennai

Development of property – whether commercial or residential – has become a significant part of any urban development process. With the rising trend in construction of property, and the constant jostling for space, there is a growing trend to lean on the best in the business to address property requirements. Chennai is the capital city of the southern State of Tamil Nadu in India as well as the fourth most populous metropolitan city in India.

Chennai’s top builders have had a finger in every pie – be it residential or commercial properties. The range has tended towards lifestyle apartments with a couple of luxury living initiatives. Some of Chennai’s best builders are:

Top 10 in Chennai

The Marg Group Marg is known for its range of residential properties that offer upscale living at reasonable prices. Established in 1994, MARG is promoted by Mr GRK Reddy. As an infrastructure and real estate development company,Marg’s operations in Chennai have been highly appreciated – they pioneered infrastructure construction and development along the IT Corridor in Chennai.

Vijay Shanthi Builders One of the key players in the real estate market, Vijay Shanthi Builders has been known to create well-constructed homes that fit affordable budgets. Vijay Shanthialso offers apartments in the lifestyle and luxury range, as well as homes and villas, redefining the landscape in Chennai.

Radiance Realty The Company traces its roots to a leading engineering, procurement and construction company, NAPC, established in 1949. In 2012, NAPC Properties evolved into Radiance Realty. Radiance offers up property in bothresidential and the commercial sectors with most of its residential projects concentrated on the fast growing IT corridor of Rajiv Gandhi Salai.

UnitechEstablished in 1971, Unitech works in both the residential and commercial sector. As part of an investment worth $720 million, Unitech is developing 28 different hotels includinga tie-up with Marriott International. Working across varied sectors through activities that includeconstruction and expansion of realestate, Unitechis also involved in consultancy in associated sectors, hotels, electrical broadcast and information technology.

Sobha Developers Ltd Sobha Developers was established by now chairman PNC Menon in 1995. The developer is famed for their massive range of constructions in the residential and commercial sector, although their housing range holds greater sway.


True Value HomesFormed in 1997, True Value Homes is one of Chennai’s most reputed real estate development companies. TVH can claim some of the tallest residential buildings in Chennai as well as one of Chennai’s first green homes. Their range of projects focus on residences, mostly comprising apartments that fit within the bandwidth of 1 BHK and 5 BHK.

VGN Group Foundedin 1942 and headquartered in Chennai, VGN Group primarily covers residential properties. So far, the company has developed over 16 million sq. ft. of residential space to its credit, most of which are in the suburban parts of Chennai. VGN is also involved in developing roads, bridges and pipelines.

Casa Grande Established in 2004, Casa Grande Private Limited is an ISO certified Chennai-based real estate development company.The company is renowned forits expertise in developing quality spaces in residential segment, including apartments and luxury villas, in Chennai.

Puravankara Established in 1975, Puravankara is a leading real estate company involved in the development of residential and commercial properties. The company develops affordable homes and high-end luxury apartments and has, so far, completed 36 residential/commercial projects spread over 7.80 million sq. ft. Around 29 million sq. ft. of projects are under construction which is followed by 88 million sq. ft. of space to be developed in the coming 7 to 10 years.

Arihant Foundations Started in 1995, Arihant is known to build both residential and commercial projects. A prominent builder in Chennai, Arihant has built over 10 million sq. ft of space till date. They work towards the vision of enhancing the environment and maximizing customer satisfaction.


Top 10 in Bangalore


Brigade Developers is one of South India’s leading real estate companies, founded in 1986, with property development as key focus. Brigade has developed various residential establishments in and around Bangalore, as well as developing various commercial properties and hotels. Brigade hasbeen consistently ranked in India’s top 10 builders from 2007 to 2011.

Mantri Developers

Established in 1999, Mantri Developersisone of India’s leading real estate builders, offering state of the art property in residential and commercial sectors. Mantri has a line of properties,including residential, retail, office, hospitality, townships and educational institutions, in Bangalore and Chennai.

SobhaDevelopers Ltd

One of the largest real estate development companies in India, SobhaDevelopers is aRs22 billion company headquartered in Bangalore. Sobha is primarily focused on development of residential and contractual projects. Their residential projects include villas,row houses, residential apartments, luxury and super luxury apartments equipped with amenities like shopping complexes, clubhouses and swimming pools.


Prestige ventured into real estate projects in 1986, and have since become one of South India’s leading property developers. Presently, Prestige Group has 65 ongoing projects comprising around 56.94 million sq. ft. and around 28 projects are under construction on 31.15 million sq. ft. space including corporate structures, apartment enclaves and shopping malls.

DLF Group

Established in 1946, DLFGroupis one of the most renowned construction companies in India. They are well-known for building malls and commercial and office spaces in various States in the country. DLF operates with the key goal of developing housing, marketable and retail properties.

HM Constructions

Set up in 1991, HM Constructions is focused on residential and commercial properties across Bangalore. The Company has a 24-year track record of sustained growth, customer satisfaction and innovation.

Nitesh Estates

Formed in 2004, the company primarily focuses on high-end luxury home segment in Bangalore as well as developing hotels, office buildings and shopping malls. Renowned for their work across these sectors in Bangalore, Nitesh Estates built the first Ritz-Carlton business hotel (Bangalore) in India and was the first to win India’s largest corporate housing project (ITC Ltd).

Jain Housing & Constructions Ltd

One ofSouthIndia’s leading builders, JainHousing has earned a reputation in the residential market for offering a blend of quality, serviceand affordability in the housing market.Jains primarily focuses on developing luxury and exclusive homes at reasonable prices.

Adarsh Developers

Adarsh Developers was established in 1988 and is an ISO 9001-2000 certified real estate developmentcompany developing high value customer centric properties. ThisBangalore-based developer has a construction portfolio that covers residential and commercial properties, spreading over 5 million sq. ft. of land.

Godrej Properties

Formed in 1980, Godrej Properties is aleading real estate developer and part of the distinguished Godrej Group. Godrej Properties has expertise in developing residential and commercial infrastructure and is also the first real estate company to receive ISO certification. The group is currently developing landmark projects in 12 cities across India, spanning over 74 million sq. ft. of space.

There are various determinators that helped RoofandFloor select the top 10 builders in the city. We decided to focus on residential properties and developers who have a chequered history with developing residential projects in Chennai and Bangalore.


Article written by: Anita Kurup

Anita is a content professional for the past 15 years and has worked in both traditional and digital media. She transitioned to digital media early on in its advent in India. She will never say no to toddler-proof keyboards and caffeine.

Home extension services to meet rising space demand

People like to have bigger living spaces, as their family grows. Setting around a significant home extension can be a perfect distinct option for improve the utility and living space inside your current home and in like manner raise its general appeal. To search the complete plausibility of a quality home extensions business in Sydney, it is fitting to look for the help of internet.


Whether you wish for a bigger kitchen or lavatory, an extra room with en suite, an additional living space, or a combo of these; a house extension alternative can absolutely change your home. Continuously remember that just a sensible configuration can deliver most extreme advantages to your home and upgrade the nature of your life inside.

There are various prescribed home extension choices to suit your necessities and requests. Either done on the back or side parcel, a single story extension can be an astounding decision to open up extra space in your home. The technique is very favored as it is financially savvy and causes insignificant interruption. Twofold or two story extensions sort of home extension is demonstrated to convey significant change to the inward space at an affordable expense. A very much arranged two storeys back or side extension outline can give huge ventilation and satisfactory space to viably incorporate your accurate prerequisites. A wrap-around extension is a mix of the back and side return extension to furnish the customer with greatest conceivable space. The benefit of this kind of extension is that it can give most extreme space and perceptibly change the profile of your current home and offer you the most extreme measure of adaptability to correctly suit your necessities.


Pool fencing service

Pool fencing is an extraordinary approach to guard kids and pets from getting submerged in the swimming pool by accident. Beside the safety, fencing can help in enhancing the style of your home, especially the pool region. The essential reason for having your pool fenced is it can keep kids away. A reasonably introduced and composed pool is worrying for a youngster to move over or creep under. You can also plan your fencing in a way that kids won’t have the ability to reach the door to open it.


One awesome thought is having an entrance that is fit for self shutting. If you have kids with various ages, the more established ones may not be sufficiently aware to close the entrance. A self shutting door won’t be left open. You can have true tranquility even your kid leaves sight, realizing that your pool has a wall. That is the most critical advantage that fences bring. These days, pool manufacturers have taken the initiative to make fences that match various home plans. There is no space for mistake with regards to pool safety. The best pool fencing options in Brisbane service has the information and experience to distinguish particular and concealed potential accidental areas. There are a lot of fencing thoughts that will without a doubt suit your home configuration and way of life. Simply invest the right energy in looking them and put a decent measure of thought in picking one.

Be a smart homemaker !

It’s not like that you have to wait for Diwali to clean your house always. Clean house fosters healthy and nutritious atmosphere where family members prosper and grow. Depending on your requirement of clean atmosphere, Housejoy has all what you can ask for. It is one of the leading providers of home cleaning services in Ahmedabad. It has an array of helpers and professionals to provide you hassle-free and daily requirements of petty and giant cleaning needs.

One of the most prominent product of your living room is Sofa, you sit on it and relax. You chat with your family members and ofcourse you entertain your guests on it, as well. With so much activityin its name, it tends to get dirty and presents an ugly site on arrival of friends and relatives. To help you at this time, look for sofa cleaning services in Ahmadabad. The helpers which will attend you are an expert in their field. Like they perform their work with ease, same way hassle free process for you to start with. You just need to book your requirement at the website and fix your most appropriate time. Then it’s the site that works for you and you just sit and relax. Your home cleaning services will be rightly met with ease and that too at the time mentioned by you.

Next in the series of making you a smart and informed homemaker comes the water tank. Yes, we know how health conscious you are and you may not be able to clean your water tank, but obviously due to its giant size. Not compromising with the health factor of family members, you need to clean it from time to time so that any residues of the contaminated water and bacteria can be successfully removed. And what can be your most promising helper at this time, if not Housejoy. It provides water tank cleaning services in Ahmedabad to help you with tank cleaning needs and thus making you a smart homemaker.

Apart from sofa cleaning and tank cleaning, you can derive other benefits from Housejoy as well, which would love to take care of pest control in Ahmedabad. Irrespective of the fact that you are residing as a PG or on rent basis. While availing house cleaning services in Ahmedabad, you just need to book a service and your preferred time at which you want the helper to serve you. Once fixed you wait for the helper he will be there on time, thus making you relax and shed the worries and tensions of dirts. When everything is just a touch away from your finger, then why leads a stressful life of various cleaning programs. Be smart, act smart and avail smart residential services of Housejoy and win a crown of being a smart homemaker.

Three home updates that pay off big time

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your home, but aren’t quite sure of where to start – or which projects to tackle to dramatically improve the return on investment and overall value of your home – you’ve come to the right place!

You see, a lot of people have been led to believe that only expensive remodels are ever going to turn a profit, and even then your profit margin is razor thin. But when you choose to work with real professionals on the right projects, you not only get to spend a lot less on your remodel projects – but you see a lot more money in return, as well!

Let’s cover three home improvements that you’ll want to seriously consider moving forward with.

Minor (very minor) bathroom remodels


Instead of spending close to £5000 on a complete bathroom overhaul (or even worse, spending £10,000 on a completely new bathroom addition), you’ll instead want to think about throwing only about £500 at your bathroom project with new floors, possibly a new shower or bathtub, and updated paint and vanities. Add fresh window dressings like roller blinds or vertical blinds and mirrors which are a great addition for adding light and making the space look bigger.

These small changes can contribute quite a bit to the bottom line value of your property.

Swap out your exterior door

The best glass panel doors professionals can help you install will add a tremendous amount of value to your home in the form of “curb appeal”, while at the same time upgrading the safety and security of your property as well.

These doors usually aren’t at all that expensive, and the installation usually won’t take any longer than a day. You can completely change the way your home looks in record time – and add thousands to the value of your home along the way. The front door can be a focal point for any home. Nowadays the front door doesn’t have to match your plain white or brown windows, instead they are available in lots of different colours and styles definitely then making it stand out and add some panache to your home.

New light fixtures all-around

Nothing dates a piece of property more so than the lighting fixtures that have been installed throughout the home.

If you’d like to drag your home into the 21st century, or pulling backwards in time to really blend with the older aesthetic that has become so popular these days (all while promising increased reliability, light quality, and energy savings that new light fixtures can offer), this is definitely the kind of project you’ll want to tackle. Whether you thinking big bold chandeliers, smaller down lighters or even wall lights little changes will make a huge difference.

It won’t eat up a lot of your budget, it won’t eat up a lot of your time, and you’ll be well positioned to cash in big time when you put your home on the market!