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On the right path

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The IT industry has laid red carpet for many aspirants where students and professionals are trying to keep pace with the ever changing technology. With thousands of apps developed everyday…

Macy’s to cut thousands of jobs and shut stores

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The cuts will impact 3,000 jobs, half of which are expected to be placed in other positions. An additional 600 jobs will be lost in back-office operations, while 750 workers…

Simple Way to Back up Your Information

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The biggest problem that most of you face is the storage of the huge information. The backup facility on your computer is the most important factor. Well, now there is…

Shop Exclusive Batman T Shirts To Change Your Style

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Batman is the most popular character, and it is the iconic character among the youngsters as well as children. Batman character is also got a right position for itself. This…

Place your food order with this Wonderful app

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Food ordering apps such as online dinner app, online Lunch appallows you to explore different types of restaurants of your area through which order different kinds of food. Nowadays almost…