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Posts published in “Business”

What Is An Engagement Platform In Salesforce?

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If we go by the current trend of everything being online, then you can be sure that engagement platform in Salesforce has nothing to do with an elevated area where…

What skills are needed for direct marketing?

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A career in direct marketing can be rewarding and lucrative, but these roles aren’t for everyone. In order to be successful in sales jobs, you’ll need certain skills, and here…

12 Reasons Your Career is Going Nowhere

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Just about everyone wants to advance in their career. Some people are willing to work hard and sacrifice to make it happen. Others prefer to play it safe and then…

Maggi banned in Delhi for 15 days

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  Acting tough, Delhi government today banned the sale of popular instant noodles Maggi for 15 days and asked the Indian arm of Swiss manufacturer Nestle to withdraw the existing…

Mary Tolan – The Complete Package of Superiority

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As the co-founder of the Accretive Health, Inc. and also serving there as the president and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mary Tolan has achieved great heights in the professional…