What Is the Cause of Attic Mold?

Water and the presence of mold spores are the main ingredients needed to develop a mold problem in your attic. There are a variety of ways that moisture gets in the attic and you should take the time to explore where the problem is coming from. Fixing the issues will bring lasting relief. Below are a few of the more common ways moisture gets inside the attic.

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Roof Leaks

Leak in the roof accounts for many of the instances of mold in an attic area. This is an area that is directly below the roof and is not always checked on a frequent basis. You can develop small leaks around vents, chimneys and roof edges that allow for a constant flow of water during periods of rain. It only takes a small amount of water combined with an undisturbed humid area to end up with serious mold growth. Check the roof for leaks in the attic location several times each year and have any problems fixed right away.

High Humidity Levels

Enclosed spaces that are elevated can capture and retain humidity from natural warmth, or artificial heat sources. The moisture-enriched air can cause condensation on the surface of the attic. This creates the perfect surface for the growth of mold. Climates with high levels of humidity make this difficult to control, but running a dehumidifier can prove helpful. There are some HVAC systems that incorporate dehumidifying properties.

Poor Ventilation

Stagnant air and poor air flow through the attic can be a huge contributing factor to extensive mold growth. There are mold spores in the air in varying amounts, but keeping the air exchange happening will lessen the chances that they will cling to the attic surface and begin growing. Older homes generally offer the poorest attic ventilation. You will want to discuss adding an adequate ventilation system with an expert to get clear of this potential problem.

Rodent Infestation

Mice, rats, and squirrels can access attic areas and start building nests. The urine and feces added to the floor surfaces and insulation in attic provide enough moisture to start a mold epidemic. Removing these animals and cleaning up the mess will be your first priority. You then to find out where they are accessing the attic and close off the holes. This is not a problem you want to revisit each year.

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Importance of Hiring Security Guards for Summer Concerts

Outdoor concerts combine Americans’ love for music with their need to socialize. It’s become a national pastime that shows no end in sight. Yet today’s ongoing global trend of open and senseless violence can make even the most outgoing music lover opt to pass on the opportunity of a lifetime. Not only can that fear ruin lives in its wake, but it can also spread thus destroying your entertainment business or venue. Hiring an extra layer of active, highly trained human staff can be a valuable solution to improving the security of summer concerts. But why are security guards so important?

Security Guards Can Be Trained to Handle Crowd Control and Save Lives


Let’s not pull any punches here. The idea of going to a festival sounds great until you turn on the news. From Paris to Manchester to Los Angeles, more and more venues are threatening to close due to violence and potential danger at music events. And yet, those that remain open continue pulling in huge crowds, especially when security is at peak performance. It may seem as though those burly guards are standing around bored with nothing to do, but they’re fully trained to strike at the first sign of distress or danger.


Stadium and concert security guards are certified in First Aid and CPR. They’re fully tested for aggressive behavior and anger management issues. Criminal history clearance and random drug tests are thoroughly performed. They’re trained on coordinated evacuation methods and procedures. They’re experienced with traffic, parking, and crowd control. Armed security guards patrol grounds and can easily assess and curtail trouble to stop theft, bullying, sexual harassment, and violent crime. And they’re trained on proper use of force as well as modern security equipment such as metal detectors, wands, and firearms when needed.


Security Guards Can Be Trained to Handle Terrorist Attacks


The occasional fight or stolen wallet is one thing. But continual stories about outright terrorist attacks can make you want to lock your kids in a closet and never let them leave home again. Tragedies such as the one that claimed 80 lives at Paris’ Le Bataclan have absolutely no rhyme or reason. But security guards combined with other professional security solutions can help deter terrorism. According to Neilsen Research, 32 million Americans attended a music festival in 2015, a third of those festival lovers attended more than one, and summer was the main stage for those events.


Coachella, Ozzfest, Lollapalooza, Burning Man, and CMA are just some of the highlights. Regardless of the genre, almost half of the crowd is within millennial age of 18 to 34. And unfortunately, that’s a targeted age group for violent offenders. Professionally trained event security guards are able to handle crowd control, multitask with multiple security areas, assist in medical emergencies, secure perimeters of any event, identify and remove dangerous individuals, and de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. When it’s time to take your venue to the next level, professional summer concert security solutions via Korner Security can be music to your ears.