5 Ways to Banish Mosquitoes for Good

Mosquitoes can carry everything from viruses to exotic fevers, so it’s important to stamp them out whenever you see them hovering around your family or property. But what if you’re having trouble in your anti-mosquito efforts? If you need a little guidance to get rid of these troublesome pests, here are just five extermination tips.
Image result for 5 Ways to Banish Mosquitoes for Good 1. Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes see standing water like a day spa, so if you have any pools, fountains or old boots gathering rain in your backyard, it’s time to empty them and keep them empty. You can always re-fill everything after your mosquito problem is back under control.

2. Encourage the Migration of Natural Predators

There are a number of birds and lizards that eat mosquitoes, and if you can attract them to your property, they might just take care of your insect problem for you. Be sure that you’re attracting the right species, however; you don’t want to welcome a bird that later destroys your garden.

3. Treat Your Water

Are you hosting a pool party in your backyard? Or maybe it’s just impossible to eliminate all of the puddles, wells and gutters that collect stagnant water on your property. Consider a water treatment for mosquitoes if you can’t get rid of your water but don’t want it to grow eggs.

4. Make Yourself an Unattractive Target

Mosquitoes are like any animal; once they’ve found a feeding ground, they’ll invite all of their friends and family to partake as well. You can stop this by making sure that your yard isn’t a place where they can feast. Put your children in long sleeves before they play outside; coat your deck and yard with insect repellant; light tiki torches to scare them away.

5. Spray Your Property

Insecticides can both kill existing mosquitoes and destroy the eggs that hatch even more. They’re most commonly found in cans and spray bottles, but if you have a serious mosquito problem, you can also install sprinkler-like instruments around your property that will periodically release insecticide into your grass.

These are just a few tips for curbing your local mosquito population. At the end of the day, the most important thing is perseverance, so don’t be discouraged if it takes multiple methods and attempts to get rid of these pests. Keep fighting the good fight, and one day, the mosquitoes will be gone for good.

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