Testosterone – A knowhow of the hormone and the supplements

Testosterone is a supplement produced in both men and women. However, things go wrong when the amount of testposterone production is not according to the requirement amount for the body. When there is low testosterone in the body men may experience many changes. Some of them are decrease in body hair; there will be changes in thickness of the skin, enhanced body fat especially around abdomen, decrease in muscle mass, difficulties in focusing, lack of interest, unexplained fatigue, mood changes, frustration, irritability, depression, difficulties both in obtaining and maintaining erection, and decreased sex drive or libido.

The symptoms and their severity also depend on individual’s lifestyle, age, and their health condition. Including stress there are even other factors that may influence testosterone production.

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Testosterone replacement therapy

Men with low testosterone levels are usually recommended to undergo testosterone replacement therapy. This recommendation will be based on situations, age and other considerations like physical, mental and emotional wellness. Injections are the most common method of therapy. Testosterone cypionate injection is the medication that is widely used today.

There will be commands from hypothalamus and pituitary gland based on which testes produces testosterone hormone. Throughout the day there will be fluctuations in testosterone hormone in an individual and the levels also depends on individual’s lifestyle and age. The level of testosterone in blood is usually measured by a simple blood test.

The other side effect being increase in cholesterol levels when taking testosterone cypionate. So one should always check their cholesterol levels if they are undergoing TRT. If the individual is undergoing long term therapy then he should monitor hemoglobin and hematocrit levels as well.

Taking supplements for Testosterone Boosting

There are many supplements or minerals and nutrients that boost or support the pituitary gland can indirectly help in boosting the testosterone levels in the body.  These herbal supplements are really safe when compared to steroids available for boosting testosterone levels in the body.

Somatropin is synthesized in laboratory but it is a form of human growth hormone. May not be everyone but some will experience side effects of somatropin. Especially if it is somatropin injections then doctor’s guidance is a must. The intake of somatropin should be accompanied by clear monitoring of growth hormone levels in the blood stream and very frequent follow ups with the physician. Frequent adjustment in dosages may also be necessary.

Of course zinc is vital in the body because it is considered as an important mineral. It is mainly responsible for enzyme functions and insulin. It also plays a major role in creating proteins and genetic materials. Zinc is very effective in increasing immunity. It also acts as a transporter for vitamin A. it is also responsible for healing of wounds, taste things, fetal development, and sperm production.

It is better to combine it with a diet containing foods which are rich in minerals and vitamins. This will definitely result in improving wellness and health of pituitary gland. Talk to your doctor to find out the best supplements for your body that work without any side effects.

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