The Most Important info Facts All Students Want to Know About AIPMT 2016

NEET to get replaced by AIPMT

As per the decision taken by the honorable Supreme Court of India, the NEET or National Eligibility Entrance Test will be replaced by AIPMT in the year 2016. So, the students who aspire to take admission into the medical and dental colleges in India for the under graduate MBBS and BDS courses will have to appear for AIPMT 2016. The decision was taken to solve the issues that were arising regarding the admission of the students in the colleges.

Latino student group

The students are to be admitted according to performance in AIPMT 2016

The similarity of the NEET with AIPMT 2016, it will be conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education or the CBSE. The students all over India will be competing for 15% of all the seats in medical and dental colleges which are funded by the Government and fall under this category in all the states leaving out the ones in Andhra Pradesh. So, there are 130 medical colleges and 20 dental colleges offering a total of 2100 seats from AIPMT 2016.

The colleges where you can apply through AIPMT

Admission in all the medical and dental colleges can be done by the AIPMT 2016. In fact it’s for the national admission quota of 15% of the total seats in the medical and dental colleges except the colleges in Andhra Pradesh. A lot of other colleges like the BHU or AFMC have also decided to participate in AIPMT 2016 voluntarily. So, the top rankers can also apply for admission in these colleges.

AIPMT 2016 and NEET: from the candidate’s point of view

From the candidate’s point of view, the AIPMT 2016 will not be much different from NEET and the number of questions will also be same. As it’s still hosted by CBSE, the level of questions will also be no different. Only one difference is there is there in the exam pattern and that is the AIPMT 2016 will be a single paper based exam instead of the NEET which was a 2 paper based exam.

There will be same number of questions in AIPMT 2016 as there was in NEET (45 questions each from Botany, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry) and they will be MCQ type questions and the candidates will have to choose the correct option. Syllabus of AIPMT 2016 has also been changed and has been kept same so that the students don’t face any unnecessary difficulty in preparations.

The criteria of eligibility for the candidates to sit for the AIPMT 2016

To appear for the AIPMT 2016, the candidates should be eligible through some criteria as:

  • Before taking admission to colleges, you must have passed the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology in your 10+2 boards.
  • You must have secured a minimum of 50% of Physics, Chemistry and Biology combined in 10+2 exams.
  • You must be more than 17 years of age on the last day of the year of taking admission in the college.
  • You have to be less than 25 years of age for being eligible for AIPMT 2016. The candidates belonging to SC/ ST/ OBC quota will get a relaxation of 5 years.

The application procedure for AIPMT 2016

The AIPMT 2016 will be an offline exam where the candidates have to fill up the application forms online and make the payment by E-challan or Credit/ Debit card. The last day for the payment is 12th Jan.2016. The candidates have to fill up the application form for E-challan by 8th Jan. and for other modes by 12th Jan. AIPMT 2016 will be held on 1st May 2016 which is a big day for all the candidates. All the best!

Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle by Mad Dogg Athletics – Spin Bike with Four Spinning DVDs to get healthy and fit at home

The Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle by Mad Dogg Athletics is a great indoor exerciser immersed with commercial cycle features for those looking to burn extra fat from the comfort of home. The well priced fitness bike is convenient to use and loose those extra plumps of body that makes it difficult to get through a door.

What “Spinner” or “Spinning” actually stands for?

First and the most important aspect of spinning bike is that it does not hold any generic meaning to the word spin, instead the Mad Dogg Athletics founders gained the copyrights of the term Spinner® and Spinning® in early ’90s. So, indoor cycling named with Spinning Bikes or Spin Bikes only refers to the one brand legally licensed by Mad Dogg Athletics.

Why is it beneficial to work-out on “Spinning Indoor Bike” at home?”

If you have ever joined a health club or gym, you must have experienced the hustle-bustle of massed to get on to the bike first and then shredding that sweat sickness. It is always better to have your own indoor cycle to workout with your convenience and schedule.

The Spin Bike with Four Spinning DVDs also eliminates the need of motivation for which you would want to exercise in a gym with a group of people. Yes, do not need to get inspired looking all people struggling hard to lose pounds, rather you can calmly do the same at your home’s vibrant atmosphere with refreshing music or TV. The DVD’s available with the Spin Bike are of significant use. They literally eliminate the need of any personal trainer or an instructor to guide you with the techniques of using the bike and shred that fat. Get a membership by simply installing your spin indoor bike DVD’s to your laptop, TV or Ipad and watch wide range of workout program and fitness videos. Perform it just like that at home for just 30 minutes and flaunt that new sweet you and not the sweaty you.

What is Lovable about Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle

  • Complete Body exerciser- You may not be familiar with the fact that the the product offers complete body workout and not just the legs that are getting trimmed. Your shoulder, back, forearms and abdominal muscles are all targeted to varying degrees with its handlebar design.
  • No – High impact workout- It is very important to undergo low impact workout that is not harsh on your knees and joints. This indoor cycling bike has a double-piece fender protection that prevents your joints from pain or any accidental injury thus giving a sound experience.
  • Calorie Burner- The exerciser results in burning around 400 to 1500 calories per session depending on your exercise duration and workout level. The DVD’s come along with 8-week weight loss challenge program that suggests with meals plan and workout. It affects the rate of metabolism positively in your body thus making you burn calories even after your workout.
  • Resistance Function- Resistance is regarded to be the most significant feature of an indoor bike. The ability to change level of difficulty is must in a bike and the Mad Dogg Athletic Spinner has it all. The Adjustable height, resistance knob and padded saddle makes it fully compatible to intensify or cool down level of workout
  • Benefits with cardiovascular health- Doctors say 30 minutes of daily workout erases or at least minimizes the chance of chronic health problems or heart disease. This indoor bike is just right for healthy workout and living.

The spin indoor cycle comes with one year warranty on parts and comes under $500. It is a perfect exerciser to get healthy and fit at home for beginners as well as experienced gym rats.

How to Find the Right Espresso Machine?

Coffee, in short, can be described as a universal beverage. It is loved everywhere in the world and offers a delicious taste along with an aroma which for sure will captivate your senses. If you are looking forward to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, then you need not to look at any other option than the espresso as it can provide you with irresistible taste. It will also provide you with high quality, which you can only associate with the espresso machines. It can be said without any doubt that to make a good cup of coffee inside an espresso machine is an art for which you require knowledge and loads of practice.


To speak in generally, the espresso machines come with a tank, a boiler, a pump and a brew head which all combine to work by allowing the water to go through to the coffee grounds. But a big question which arises here is how to find the right espresso machine for yourself. You will need to consider various important aspects before you reach a decision and following are some tips which you may consider before you decide which espresso maker you want to buy.

To Begin With, Check the Bars of Pressure

Generally, the good coffee machines available in the market have the capability to generate around nine-ten bars of pressure. Along with it, these machines also make the process of brewing free of errors. But there are some advanced super automatic machines as well which can generate even eighteen bars of pressure.

The Types of Espresso Machines

You should have a clear idea about various machines available to buy in the market. Different companies different types of machines to suit different people. You need to understand the types of machines which will make it a lot easier to choose the machine which you want. The types of machines are –

  • Steam-driven machines: These are moderately priced items ($70 approx.) which use steam pressure to force the boiled water through the coffee ground. These are capable brewing one carafe at a time.
  • Manual machines: These are a bit expensive ones which use a liver for forcing water through the grounds which may be uncomfortable for common people as it requires a lot of experience. These machines are often known as the oldest espresso makers.
  • Semi-automatic machines: These are the most popular machines. They require you to add coffee to portafilters and the pump movements thereafter are controlled using a brew button. Pulling an espresso shot is very easy here due to the manual brew cycling method.
  • Automatic machines: Automatic machines are for those who are shy in making efforts. These machines allow completing the brewing process at pre-set levels which can be done by using the electronic controls which are present.
  • Super automatic machines: In these machines, the only manual work you will do is adding the coffee beans. Brewing process, even the grinding is completed by the machine.

Carefully analyse to reach the Best Decision

After you have made yourself aware of the unique features of all the models, the process of choosing the best one for yourself becomes less complicated. And hence, you can arrive at the best decision which should be based on important factors including-

  • how many drinks you want in one swoop
  • how often you make coffee
  • easiness in maintenance and cleaning
  • pump pressure as well as the design of the machine


Most people these days are ardent fans of espresso coffee. This is also due to the fact that this full-bodied coffee can keep the energy levels at their peak for a full day. Add to it the taste, aroma as well as the cream, which is truly inimitable to say the least. People believe thatthe process of making this coffee is a combines art and science. And hence, you need to identify the right espresso maker, which will let you enjoy full-flavored as well as captivating coffee every day. You can have a look at and follow the above mentioned steps and use them to analyse the various types of espresso machines in a detailed manner and hence select the best one for you.

Manage Your Finance with Top iPhone Personal Finance Apps

Our financial activities and decisions affect our present and future financial health. Our financial activities include spending, budgeting, investing, saving, retirement planning etc. and until recent times, these could be pretty tedious and at times quite challenging tasks. However, today’s smart mobile apps help in making these chores a lot easier and definitely great fun. Here are some of the top finance apps for iPhone that keep track of your financial activities and guide you every step of the way. Now you have absolutely no excuse for not being aware of where your precious money is going.

Everyone wishes to manage their personal finances well, iPhone finance apps are really convenient and secure for getting started or staying serious whether it is about working toward enhancing your credit score or reminding you to pay your bills. There are a host of iPhone finance apps in the App Store. They are effective in meeting your specific requirements irrespective of your financial objectives and goals. Here are a few iPhone apps you could try out for managing your personal finances well.


BillGuard is best for tracking your credit cards and monitoring all activity relating to them in one place. It also, boasts of a built-in passbook support for viewing where all of your accounts actually stand at one glance. This is supposed to be a crowd sourced data so it remains updated at all times. Clear transactions are obviously safe. Flag ones are not authorized by you. BillGuard has the capability of contacting the merchant very much on your behalf. Besides monitoring your current finances, BillGuard is able to demonstrate where exactly your money seems to go and where precisely, you could think about saving.


MyFICO is the best app for keeping strict vigilance and control over your credit score and credit report. MyFICO happens to be an effective Subscription Credit Monitoring Services that keeps you abreast with your latest credit scores and report. You would be notified regarding each and every modification in your credit score. With just a simple tap, you would be able to see your present credit score. You have the option of using a password to stop any unauthorized intervention. No unauthorized personnel could have access to your credit details.


No one desires to be on a budget, but sometimes, one needs to go on a budgeting mission to save some money. BUDGT is supposed to be the most hassle-free budgeting app. The app is incredibly simple and easy to use and it has a fabulous interface, which really makes sense. You simply need to budget for various categories and then go on tracking expenses as and when you incur them. BUDGT would be taking care of everything else. The app tells you accurately, at just one glance, those areas where you require scaling back, also, the categories you are doing well.


Check is a fantastic tool for managing bills, as it makes sure that everything is actually paid on time. Check was formerly called PageOnce. At just a quick glance, you would be reminded about the bills that would be due soon. The app can also, remind you of the due dates that are approaching through push notifications.

If you opt for it, Check could also, pay your bills very much on your behalf. Check is known to have numerous other attributes and features. It is capable of managing and monitoring as little or as much as you desire. If you are bad at keeping track of due dates and wish to avoid unnecessary late fees, you must have Check on your iPhone.

Author Bio: Josh Ferdinand is a financial analyst and a columnist. He enjoys blogging and loves to visit sites such as to know interesting details about leasing and its financial repercussions.

Smart Strategies for Successful Landscape Design

With The traditional method, the landscape design activities took place with detailed drawings of the positions of flower beds or shrubs. But there remains a lack of cohesion in this particular method. Sometimes the haphazardly placed plants can become liabilities within the designs. Here are some essential tips that can minimize your headaches of the landscape designs:

Accessible Equipments: You must be sure of the accessibility of the equipments for the long term. Anticipation is also required for future projects of building, stump grinders, patio, mowers or porches. Your building may require repair or expansion and some huge machines may enter your backyard. It is advisable to plan in advance so that you are not required to tear out some of your valuable creations.

Symmetry Can Be Difficult: Maintaining symmetry can be very difficult as well as expensive. When you are creating a formal landscape with two evergreen trees at two corners, and one dies, then it can be very tough in finding a replacement with the same size. In this case, you are required to replace both of them, which can be very expensive in nature.

Maintain Focal Points:  Maintaining focal points can be much easier than the symmetry. The focal points must be chosen in such a way that it is different from the rest of the features in your garden. This helps in standing out and helps you to connect with the rest of your landscape. With a proper pacing and scale, the connection can be done with repeated color or shape.

Control Curves:  Try to keep curves under check. You can definitely add curves in your garden, but overdoing it will surely spoil the look. A long curved path can make you feel lost from your destination. Subtle curves are considered to be the best for landscape designs. For more information about the strategies, you can consult experts from king landscape co. They will surely guide you so that you can create the ideal landscape design for your garden. When you are including the curves in the walkways or in the beds, make sure you are repeating them in the third dimension with the same shape of plants.

Accent Your House:  Your house can display its magnificent architecture and can complement the landscape design of your garden. Make sure that the architectural designs do not get hidden by overgrown shrubbery.

Movement Adds Life:  If you want to add life in your landscape design, you must add some movement. Without the movement, the designs can just be worthy of a nice painting which can be hanged on the wall. Grasses can move during the natural breeze or flowers can be added to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Never Take Things for Granted:  When you stay in a particular space, you tend to adjust with some obstructions which can surely be changed. If you observe some overgrown shrubbery, worn out deck or established trees and find difficulty in designing around them, remove them for your convenience. This may provide you with new opportunities for a rose bed, a vegetable garden or a sunny spot.

Right Plant at Right Spot: Whenever you visit a nursery, keep this principle in your mind. This will prevent you from unnecessary expenses on seeds and shrubs. You must not overcrowd your garden with plants. Proper air circulation and spacing also prevents insects and fungus problem.

You are not required to possess a five figure budget for obtaining an exceptional landscape design. You just need to place your plants at the right place thoughtfully; either it is a weekend trip to nursery or a two month multiphase project. The final outcome can definitely make you happy if you can participate in the activities passionately.

Author Bio:  James Stuart is a renowned landscape designer who works at the king landscape co. In this article, he is providing some valuable strategies to the enthusiastic landscape designers.

Reasons Why you Should use Social Media and Instagram

Various social media sites rank in popularity with millions of active users. They give people the chance to express themselves and reach more people than ever before. Previously, well-known personalities and businesses relied on the media for exposure. Thanks to social media, everyone one can now talk about what they do, share ideas and give their opinions online.

Social Connections

Social media enables people to remain connected and continually engage with family members, friends and colleagues as well as other people who share similar interests. Social sites provide an effective way to create identities, share professional accomplishments and innovations.

Along with networking with people that you already know such as family and friends, social media allows you to make new connections in the virtual world. A social networking site gives you access to people who share the same passions and interests with. It is a useful alternative to face-to-face communication.

Quick Access to Information

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram enable you to stay informed about businesses, current events and the latest news fast and conveniently. Since it is not possible to catch up with everyone on a regular basis, you can find out what you need to know within a short period of time by simply logging in to your favorite social site. Read about Instagram followers here.

Even for users who are not considered to be active on social media, being signed up compels you to log in as often as you can. This is because people usually want to be aware of what is going on around them. To avoid missing out on important announcements or opportunities, social media is a useful inclusion in your life. Social media options, including Instagram, are important for being connected and updated.

Free and Easy to Use

Popular social media platforms do not subject you to charges. People are given an affordable way to communicate about different aspects of their personal, social and professional lives. These platforms continue to be popular and more social networking sites are still being developed. Technology has played a crucial role in making it easier for people to interact with each other without physical presence.

If you are not already taking advantage of Instagram and other social media platforms, you need to reconsider. Social sites have been simplified for ease of use and are conveniently used through mobile devices. Some networking sites are regarded as more personal than others. You can choose social media platforms that will help you fulfill your personal, social or professional goals.


Social networking sites consist of people who are willing to connect with personal and business brands on various levels. Content creation is a vital part of social interaction as it enables you to share your stories. Regardless of what you do or the industry that you are involved in, you can use social medial platforms to reach an audience and share different types of information.


Many people continue to utilize social media to share stories, ideas, plans and prospects. Whether you are on a social media platform or want to sign up, it is important to be aware of how these platforms will make it easier to reach and engage your target audience.


Fred James has been a content creator for various sites and is currently in the process of setting up a new business. When not busy creating content, he enjoys traveling with his wife and three children. Find out more about Instagram followers here.


Keep Your Company Going And Growing With These Simple Tips And Tricks

Company leaders who want their businesses to be the most successful organizations on the block oftentimes need to access information and advice that will help them do it. Luckily, there are numerous tips and tricks business owners can utilize to get their companies going and growing. Here are three of them:

1. Update And Optimize Your Equipment.

Utilizing excellent equipment is a great way to ensure that your company’s daily operations are optimized. When you use cutting edge equipment that is functioning optimally, you and your employees will be able to get things done quickly and correctly. On the other hand, using old, outdated machines and devices can increase everyone’s susceptibility to injury and illness. With this idea in mind, make sure that you’re having your equipment regularly inspected and also take time to replace old machines when necessary. In the event that you find yourself in need of hydraulic pumps, you can obtain them from Master Pumps & Power.


2. Market Your Company Online.

Another strategy you can deploy to get your company going and growing is marketing the organization online. These days, millions of people across the globe utilize the Internet to shop for products and services or socialize. It’s important for you to engage as many people as possible in the online domain because doing so can help you extend your company’s sphere of influence while also bolstering your bottom line. To get this process underway, it’s important to hire a team of top notch digital advertising professionals. These individuals will be able to deploy synergistic strategies to keep your company growing in the online sector. Some of those strategies include content marketing, web design and development, social media optimization, and search engine optimization.

3. Develop An Actionable Plan.

One final strategy you should implement to keep your business company growing is the development of an actionable plan. Your actionable plan should include a clear outline of your company’s vision as well as the steps you will take to realize the goals. Developing the actionable plan will help you streamline and organize company activity to ensure that everything being done is contributing to the accomplishment of business goals.


If you’re ready to witness your business step into a new dimension of power and prestige, it’s time to get the process off the ground. Make it happen now by utilizing the actionable strategies outlined in this quick reference guide!