Manage Money Easily with 6 Top Finance Apps

There is no doubt that smartphones have become one of the most indispensible things in our daily life and it would be very hard to imagine life without it. However, besides calling and information sharing facilities, many people use their smartphones for money management by using several apps that helps them to prepare a database of income, expenditure and any other investment. If you are still unaware of such mobile applications, then you should learn about them, because such apps will help you in choosing right investment options. Take a look at six top financial apps that can help you in money management.


If you have interest in stock market and you would like to deal with multiple stocks, then this app will help you to involve more actively in free trading process.

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You might have paid $10 per trade as the minimum cost to the most of brokerage firms before, but once you use the Robinhood, you will find numerous ETFs and stocks available for trading. The app has been designed to help trying to deal with right stocks.


Are you struggling to find the best place to save your hard-earned money? You will not have to worry much about this, because the Digit mobile app will help you to analyze your money expenditure in an organized and secure manner.

The mobile app will establish a connection with all your bank accounts and will transfer a very small amount of money to your savings account. However, the notable thing is that you will never feel that some amount of money missing from your bank account.


If you want to make the process of investment an easiest one, then you should opt for this mobile app. Once you have opened an account with Betterment, the app will want to know about your ETFs, investment goals and diversified portfolio. After that the app will manage all your rebalancing and reinvesting with dividends.

In addition, Betterment will help the user to manage retirement accounts like traditional IRAS, Roth, SEP and IRA. One can use this mobile app free for six months, after which the user will have to pay for further access.


Savings is always one of the most important aspects and every one of us wants to make the process as convenient one. The Qapital mobile app will be the right choice for people who are concerned about savings.

The app will help an individual to set his or her financial goals and it will show them the most convenient ways to reach their desired goal. By using this one of the most effective mobile app related with money management, you will be able to form a scheduled transfer into your savings account. It will also be helpful for lawsuit funding companies.


This efficient mobile application will help you in accounting management and financial planning. If you are preparing an action plan, the app will verify the status of all your accounts and lay out the best plan against a monthly fee.

Future Advisor

A physical financial advisor may charge you big to provide advice regarding future investment, but this mobile app will help you in preparing your future investment plan even without asking for money. Once you have registered, the app will develop a customized portfolio and it will create several grades ranging from A to F. The app often makes several changes in the categories regarding to your requirement.

Several financial mobile application are available in online stores, but while purchasing them, make sure they are developed by reputed companies that maintain strict data protection policies for the safety and security of your bank accounts.

Author Bio- Jeffry Lehman is a professional financial advisor is associated with many lawsuit funding companies.  Get the best tips of finance management today.

Busting the Myths Surrounding Car Insurance

When trying to find out the best car insurance quotes, it has been noticed that many of the car owners, aspiring to purchase to take an insurance for their vehicle come across several myths, which is said to surround car insurance. Knowing them is important, so that it becomes possible to know what is right and wrong to be avoided.

Some commonly known car insurance myths

  1. Myth #1 – Higher premium rates to be paid by older drivers: It is not actually true for majority of the part. Even though the premium for older drives is generally lower, it is completely dependent upon their individual driving history. For instance, in case, a driver of age 55 years and above receives various moving violations with time, then this driver might find the rates to have increased over time, and not a decreasing one with every passing year.
  2. Myth #2 – The place of residence does not have any impact on Coverage: It is false unfortunately. Although where the person resides might not be necessarily his/her choice, the car insurance does have a great impact. Those living in the rural regions tend to pay much lesser when compared to those living in the city. This is because, city dwellers can be termed at higher risk to make claims, due to theft, damage and accidents.
  3. Myth #3 – If car is vandalized, stolen or damaged by flood, fire, wind or hail, the person is covered: It is also false unfortunately. What many do not realize there is no comprehensive basic coverage. In case, the car gets damaged like mentioned above, then it is the owner who is responsible for making expenses on its repair. But if the vehicle is leased, it could be that the person is already paying for collision and comprehensive coverage.
  4. Myth #4 – There is no impact of credit on the premium rate: It is not true, since the car insurance rate is very much impacted by the person’s credit, however, it is just in relation to his insurance score that is credit base, which is termed to be a snapshot basically as to how the person can manage his financial affairs, thereby providing insurers with key insight as to how much risk he is. With many people having good credit, the rate is sure not to be negatively affected.
  5. Myth #5 – The Car’s color does make a huge difference: The car’s color, contrary to all popular believe is not known to make any impact upon the auto insurance rates. For instance, there are many drivers who tend to assume that black or red cars may contribute towards higher premiums. However, the truth can be stated as providers are least concerned about the car’s color. What matters to them is the car’s make, model, year of make, engine style, body style, the vehicle’s age, record and  age of driver. When it comes to considering driving behavior, the insurance providers do factor in the person’s accumulated points with regards to violations at the time of deciding the rates.

Checking out paramount car insurance site can help the person to know the details.

Conclusion: There are some popular myths about car insurance which are partially or fully not true. Knowing them can help the person to avoid embarrassing situation when availing car insurance quotes.

Simple Way to Back up Your Information

The biggest problem that most of you face is the storage of the huge information. The backup facility on your computer is the most important factor. Well, now there is no need to worry about it at all. The latest EaseUS Todo Backup Free 8.9 version comes with huge and convenient backup facilities. It is very important for everyone to store their information and documents of computer safely. For years, it had been a problem for millions. However, the problem is solved now with EaseUS Todo Backup Free 8.9 version.


Reasons to choose

The interesting features of it give the users a reason to choose it. Another fact is that it is now ready for windows 10. Windows 10 backup is not a problem anymore. Various features make it very special for use. Let us look at some of its features:

  • Free and reliable backup and recovery software help the user to restore and recovering the data systems which were lost in any disaster.
  • It comes with efficient backup technologies. There is no need to reinstall the operating system for getting the lost information and data.
  • Disk clone or disk migrating solution is solved with it. The excellent facilities to clone HDD to SSD solve the problem of disk cloning or migrating.
  • It can quickly recover the files that you need. It can recover all kinds of files, folders and volumes.
  • It can remove your data and information to a safe place from where it can be restored easily after any loss occurred.
  • All kinds of backup such as comprehensive full backup, differential backup and incremental backup are available. These help in the efficient storage process.

Storing information is no more a problem.

The storage problems are solved with the use of these backup facilities. Another interesting aspect is that it is windows 10 friendly. It has Windows 10 backup and restorefacilities. Now it is very difficult to find anything which is windows 10 friendly. This storage facility has windows 10 support. Now it is no problem for windows 10 user to find convenient storage facilities. It has changed the scenario of storage facilities on the computer. Huge facilities have made it very useful to millions. Now there is no problem for anyone to find a perfect solution to this storage dilemma. EaseUS has made life simple and made it stress-free for all. Storing your information is no more a problem.

Factors You Should Consider While Online Car Valuation in India

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaArticle Body: When you sell or buy a car, it is very important to think about the important confronting factors of the car which may lead you to a best buy deal. You must figure out various factors that have an effect the business of Online Car Valuation in India. We all are not automotive experts so we do need to have someone to assist to get a broadways of factors while buying or selling a car to get a best price in accordance with its configuration, tuning and running status. So Let us help you with the correct direction of factor with smart home technologies. As a seller, he’ll try to grab out maximum profit from buyer and as a buyers one is determined to negotiate a master piece in less price. The only way to hold up your own is to be prepared. Start analyzing about the factors which determine the best buy in Online Valuation of car in India.

Brand: The brand of the car is one of the factors that have a bulky impact on the resale/sale value, regardless of the condition and quality of the car. The fact is that big-name brands and models sell better with second-hand buyers, so it makes nice sense for you to select such a car yourself when it comes for buying.

Performance and External Accessories: The car equipped with latest and greatest equipment’s like high end stereos, supercharger kits, custom rims, custom hoods, stickers equipped, etc. or any other accessories would lead to end up with high margin cost. Those who are old drivers always prefer to have an original equipped master piece with high upkeep cost along with warranty coverage.

Condition: Condition is more subjective factor than mileage.

  • External Condition: Someone with a scratch less well maintained with no damage to the car has a positive impact on the car. So it must be under consideration to have/get the car professionally washed, with repaired accidental damages, fully dented and painted in order to have an outstanding deal.
  • Interior Condition: If the interiors of the car are choosier, clean, polished and well maintained it is obvious to have a good cost. But the car with unpleasant odor or with dirty seats and smell to make believe it had been not under care irrespective of a brand it would not be preferable for selling and purchasing.
  • Mechanical Condition: While having an online valuation of car in India one should be equally aware with the great running shape of car proving to be under regular service. If a car is under consideration of being regularly and authentically serviced then it would increase the value of used car.


Mileage: As with time, mileage is a leading decider in establishing the resale value of the car. A car with a great mileage will be more ‘wore down’ than a car with hardly made to off drive distance. Hence your car may be in mint condition but good mileage is equally important.

Drivetrains and Seasonal Demands: Typically automatic transmission cars are preferable with the average used common cars. At some places manual transmission are also popular.

In accordance with seasonal demands, cars like convertible are more demanded in summer months. So one must wait for the right time to sell/purchase car.

After Market Options/Personalization can be bad: Aftermarket enhancement of cars like oversized and custom wheels, stereo speakers, or rear spoilers, rarely raise the price but more work to lower it as original modification of car are considered more valuable that the after marker modifications.


Researching over Internet and other sources for best deal: Research over internet for similar vehicles comparing other to determine best quote for yourself at a best bargain. Try to get the best idea of the price by adjusting to the environment of similar cars available.

How fast you want to sell your car: You have to determine how fast you need to sell your car. If you have less time then you must adjust the price lower than the cost available with more bonus and offers to attract more clients on the other hand if you more time they don’t rely on buyers be specific and stick to its perfect modulation. The fact may be replenished that the buyers will have less negotiating leverage, provided with the seller ability to get an offer on their vehicle much sooner.

Appreciable Certitude of Online Valuation of Car in India: Online Valuation of a car must be entertained by each and every buyer that is very helpful in confronting the buyer to get the actual negotiation as well as intercept the seller from being extracting unreasonable profit from the buyer. This will be a serenity deal.

Thus the online valuation initiates both buyer and seller enjoys the satisfactory deal with every bit of information associated with car and hence proving to be the decent workout.

Buying the Perfect Gadget for your loved one this holiday season

Is there such a thing as a perfect gadget for your loved one?  YES!!!

But they are always changing, there are always new models, their prices vary from cheap to expensive and the technology is forever updating! This is exactly why you can find the prefect gadget for your loved one. They will never own all the gadgets; there will always be a new one you can buy

You can find anything from home brewing beer makers, to self-cleaning vacuum, but soon enough they will become another dust collector on the shelf. So we have to be original with our ideas for the perfect gadget, and what better than the newest and latest technology in fitness. Everyone wants to stay fit over the holiday season and January 1st is a great time to make a New Year’s Resolution to get in shape. So why not help your loved one and give them a kick start with a fitness monitor.

Whether it is heart rate monitors, calorie counters, mile loggers, there is always something to measure and to motivate the exerciser. In addition with today’s love of exercise they are no longer just the simple watches. Now you can find wrist bands, in a wide range of colours making it function as a fashion accessory too. If your loved one wants something simple or advanced, to use with their phone or laptop, you can find it from one of the thousands of options out there. Brookstone has a nice selection of their new Fitbit range and they are suitable for all ages and both sexes as well as different levels of technology.

If you think a fitness tracker won’t be enough, then massage gadgets are next in line. Not to be used at the gym of course, but the thought of relaxing with a nice self-massager in the comfort of your own home is sure to get most people running to the gym.