Villa projects in devanahalli


Due to our busy lives, we tend to be comfortable with whatever kind of place that we can get easily. Our focus is majorly to succeed in our career and we are definite that the rest will happen. It is this very over confidence about the ‘rest’, that eventually betrays us and we have to keep changing the picture we have had in our forever about our future.  First it is us living with a happy family in a bungalow, then it changes to a builder home and eventually we land up having to live in a flat for the rest of our lives. A flat is definitely a good option once you start living your bachelor life, but when you have made your stand firm in the professional field, and have a happy family in the process, then having a villa becomes the next dream, which then would be impossible to achieve.


So if you have any such dream of living in a villa planned out for yourself, then why not start working on it now? Century real estate is offering villas in devanahalli, and mind you they aren’t just any villas, they are being built by the best engineers in the most spectacular ways one can imagine. The villa projects in devanahalli have been awaited for a very long time and we are aware of it so when the opportunity has finally arrived, do not let it pass you by.

There are many advantages of investing in villa projects in devanahalli. A few of them are listed down below:

  1. First and foremost is that is bound to be the deal breaker is that these Villas in devanahalli are located at a prime location
  2. Investment in Villa projects in devanahalli is indeed a very safe investment and is bound to give good returns in the future.
  3. Row houses available for sale in devanahalli are available at a very reasonable rate so you don’t even have to worry about the continuously building up interest on the bank loan that you would take for your villas in devanahalli.

I am certain that by now you are already convinced to buy one of the Row houses available for sale in devanahalli and are probably planning out your finances accordingly. Well I would be, if I were you..!!

The villas in devanahalli are your once in a lifetime chance to have a villa owned by you. There indeed was a time when your mother carried you in her arms to her house, this Villa projects in devanahalli, is your chance to hold your mother’s arm and take her in to your house. Let your wife feel the proud owner of her own villa. And let your children know what it feels like to play hide and seek in two different stories of the same house, safe and sound. What are you waiting for still? Grab this chance, because who knows, when will such a brilliant chance come by your way again.

Features of SobhaElan That Will Blow You Away

Coimbatore is a major city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The city is well known for its commercial, educational and manufacturing hub. Due to the large paramount of cotton and textile industries Coimbatore is also known as the “Manchester of South India” The place is already known for the educational excellence the city offers. Moreover, major information technology companies are located in Coimbatore. Coimbatore has seen rapid growth due to industrialization. The boom in industrial sector has in turn resulted in population growth in the city which is now over 35 lakhs. The real estate in Coimbatore is at a high and is soaring leaps and bounds. Last year in 2014, Coimbatore had ranked had ranked as the best emerging city in India.

Features of SobhaElan Coimbatore

Features provided by Sobha Elan are unique are specially tailored that will suite your requirements.


It provides stilt plus 4 storey RCC framed structure with masonry walls and in addition to this it also provides covered 2/4 wheeler parking in the stilt floor.

Living, Dining or Foyer and Bedrooms

Your apartment will have plastic emulation paint on the ceiling and walls and along with this it will also have a superior quality of vitrified skirting and title flooring and hence it will last for a long time.

Toilets and Kitchen

You’ll findfalse ceiling with grid panels in the toilets. Both in the kitchen as well as the toilets a superior quality of ceramic tile flooring and plastic emulation paint would be used.

Balconies and Utilities

In the balcony granite coping for parapet/ MS handrail will be used as per the design and all the walls will be painted in textured paint.


The main door, bedroom door and toilet door frames and architrave are made of timber. The shutters have masonite skin on both the sides and in addition the shutters of the toilet will be laminated from the inside. All the other external doors will be manufactured in specially designed aluminium frames with shutter panels. The heavy duty aluminium glazed sliding doors and windows will be made from specially designed and manufactured sections.


In the staircase plastic emulsion paint will be used for the ceiling and along with this granite will be used for risers and treads, textured paint for the walls and MS handrail will be used too.


Only lifts of reputed make will be used as the residents safety is the topmost priority at Sobha Elan.

Some amenities provided by SobhaElan:


Sobha Elan Coimbatore provides its residents with recreation activities such as a multipurpose hall, indoor and outdoor games area for everyone and also a park with kids play area for the little ones. For the health conscious ones it has a jogger’s track as well as a gymnasium/health club and a swimming pool.


Sobah Elan is not only provides the best residential apartments but it also contributes its own little bit to protect nature and has thus installed solar water heater as well as undertakes rain water harvesting.  In addition to this it also has an extensive tree planting in parks and open spaces.

Integrated amenities

Some of Elan’s integrated amenities include a dedicated sewage treatment plant, power back up, 24 x 7 security, street lighting and a dedicated 4 as well as 2 wheeler covered parking. It also designed to have a concealed sewage and storm drains, water lines and electrical lines.  It will also have a treated water supply along with an adequate underground storage. In addition it will also have 10 meters wide tree lined avenues with pedestrian walkways.

What Makes Chennai the Top Place for Professional Services

urban 1Often there are many professionals in many cities, including Chennai, but what makes it more difficult for people to avail professional services there?

  1. Language barrier: There are a very few professionals who would converse in anything but Tamil which makes it difficult to get professionals, although people often learn Tamil, but it may take quite some time and until then you can be out of luck, you might get professionals in a field or two that might speak in Hindi/English, but what about the rest?
  2. Unfamiliarity with tariff: This is not only an area specific but a worldwide problem, and rates vary from city, location etc. Even autos have difference in tariff as per the city, so it is natural to have variation in other sectors including the field of professional services.
  3. Different analogy: Again with many other cities, it can cripple your budget, like how in Mumbai people measure size of flats in sq-ft, whereas in Delhi there is a different scale, similarly different services are scaled differently.

Chennai, being a metro city has a vast population, yet the one with great opportunity, primarily because of the language barrier. There are companies racing ahead to meet the challenges and explore a tremendous opportunity.

One of them is UrbanClap India, a company that selected Chennai as the fourth city in India after its successful steak in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The company provides over 50 professional services that include – Corporate event photography, Home Cleaning services, makeup artist, etc. to name a few.

The UrbanClap company has always targeted a distinct part of India, like after Delhi, it targeted west (Mumbai) and then subsequently chose to move into south India (Bangalore), so it was quite likely that it would pick up something in east India (Kolkata), but the company chose Chennai, in spite of Hyderabad and for an obvious reason – growth, and getting more number of people under the service net.

Chennai has an impressive 9.12 million inhabitants with the most unorganized sector, so while Urban looks to expand in 15 other cities, it first opted for Chennai.

That just explains how much important people are attaching to Chennai and yet again it looks set to drive growth in south India.

In 20th century, Chennai was dominant, yet Bangalore over took it, with unprecedented growth in local economy and it turned out to be a magnet of foreign investment, but it looks like Chennai is still in the race.

For those who migrate to Chennai, UrbanClap looks like a great option, run by alumni of the esteemed Indian institute of technology, UrbanClap has featured in Indian as well as International media, and has been a daring of investors, recently it UrbanClap raised about $10 million, making it one of the very high value company in professional services.

It is highly likely that applications like this are bound to change the landscape of the professional services in Chennai where such services are needed the most and moreover, apps like UrbanClap works on a zero fee model, where they don’t charge neither user nor the provider any sort of fee, thereby making it a completely free app.

UrbanClap review among the users in the cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore are very positive and now it is taking small yet significant steps to take on the most lucrative yet underrated markets in India.

It is easy to do business in Chennai, but the challenges in small towns are enormous, and hence the greatest challenge that any company would face would be a growing multilingual user base. Currently UrbanClap is available in English only, but it would be interesting to see, whether they would include Multilanguage support to cater to more people.

You can get UrbanClap from Google play or App store and start searching for competent professionals in Chennai.