Time Knocks You to Couple with Veritas

Certification gives you approval, authorization and enhances reputation of your company. The globalized business world demands you to stay environmentally friendly, caring to human health and safety issues and accountable to your social responsibilities. The practices are not only ethical but mandatory too; regardless of being in the business of health care, aerospace, food chain, cosmetics or in big industries like mining, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, chemical process, construction, building material and so on. With a responsible approach to your employees, society and environment you can gain higher respect and confidence of clients, stakeholders, employees and community which eventually accelerate your organizational growth.

Why Should You Choose Bureau Veritas to Get Certified?

Founded in 1828, in Las Vegas Nevada, the US, Bureau Veritas is an internationally famed leading corporate group engaged in testing, inspection as well as certification services. The agency offer comprehensive services to ascertain that product, service, infrastructure and process of its client company meets the standards and regulations as it comes to quality, health & safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. Started with employee strength of 8, 000 only; now the group employs over 66,500 personnel and equipped with 53 offices as well as laboratories located across 6 continents.

Bureau Veritas Service Segments 

  • Environmental Evaluations
  • In-house Environmental Quality Management
  • Asbestos/Lead Character analysis and Management
  • Compliance Services
  • Waste Water Management
  • Facility Management and Redevelopment
  • Remediation Services

To ensure flawless process, safe industrial environment for both employees and society Bureau Veritas Laboratories provide specialist services helping clients to get certified. This builds their business reputation and help in growing constantly in this competitive environment.


Veritas Routine Analyses

  • Industrial Hygiene and Management
  • Asbestos Characterization and Management
  • Microbial Matter Analysis
  • Compliance Services

The experts of Veritas Laboratories LLC are knowledgeable professionals from the fields of applied microscopy, geology, mineralogy, materials science and engineering. In product analysis area, the organization has over 40 years experience while all analysis are done in accordance with NIOSH, ISO, EPA, ASTM and AHERA specifications and guidelines. In the areas of specialty analysis, the doctorate degree holders of Veritas lab remain up to date at all times.

Veritas Specialty Analyses

  • API or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Off-gas studies
  • Process Development and Validation
  • Material Character Evaluation

Being an independent toxicology specializing company, Veritas Laboratories focuses toward drug detection and medication monitoring services. The laboratories are outfitted with up-to-the-minute mechanisms and techniques, apart from holding CLIA and CMS certifications. This guarantees you error-free testing of your samples as per schedule enabling you to remain committed to your valued customers.

Procedures Followed

The Labs follow the most advanced EIA (Enzyme Immunoassay methodologies for screening of element category whereas the top sensitive (UPLC/MS/MS) Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry procedure is also followed to attain correctness of testing result.

Scientifically Designed Reports

Veritas Laboratories provide you with reports that are methodical and are logically formatted matching your need. The common formats include PDF, CSV, Fixed width and delimited text files apart from XML Format and Excel files.

Most importantly, if your enterprise perform based upon commercial management systems; to meet you need Bureau Veritas Laboratories LLC can generate files which can be uploaded maintaining commercial procedures like Process-Map, Med-gate or Spiramid. The group’s technical support team is expert in delivering you product report in your customized format too. So never late, this is the high time to couple with Veritas.

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